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    Boxing/whipping StakerHey guys i am selling a pure staking account...this acc can win you lots of money, i am selling as i have made an account that is better stats are -- 87 att, 92 str,80 def 1 pray so yeah hit me up with payment method is wu...if u want it to come with money on it then u can pay extraLooking for a mage 94+ account(pp)(rsgp)BOUGHT! please close thread[RSGP]selling 1pray/summ good boxer![RSGP]Sold.[Swap] 99 Range/99 Mage ZerkerAs the title says, i'm looking to swap my Zerker pure for a decent 1 defence pure, initiate pure or good main/med level pker (preferabbly 100-110, but i'm open to offers). About the account: I originally created this account in around in 2006, but after it got hacked to 6 defence, I gave up until last year. I started playing again, and right away went for 99 range. After achieving that, I then went for 99 mage and turned it 45 defence. It's not one of the amazing turmoil zerker's that you see nowdays, more just a simple zerker pure. I stopped playing again a few months ago out of boredom, but then once again out of boredom, made it a member again just 2 days ago. Sadly, I find no entertainment the account whatsoever due to me being so impatient and would love to trade for a 1 defence pure, initiate pure or main as I sold my main on here a while back. If somebody is willing to put the time and effort into it, i'm sure it could be turned into something great. Stat's, quests and bank: 99 Range 99 Mage 75 Attack 81 Strength 90 HP 52 Prayer 45 Defence Fremenik trials completed. Lunar Diplomacy completed. RFD - Rune Gloves. Bank - Around 15 (Depending on wealth of account traded for, I may transfer this over) Account has a very good name. Terms and conditions of the trade: Under no circumstances will I go first, unless I deem you extremely trusted and you've been on Sythe for a long time. If you feel by reading my vouches that i'm trusted enough, then by all means, i'd be happy for you to go first after we have a chat. If this dosn't work for you, I will also be happy to use an OMM, but YOU will pay the OMM fee's. When adding you on , I will ask for a PM on here, for identity purposes. Pictures: Recoveries and email will be immediately removed when a trader has been found. You'll also receive free membership, depending on how long it takes to find a trade. I beleive I have covered everything needed, please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have.Selling rare Bunny Ears account [Paypal] [Swap]i am selling a lvl 60 with bunny ears , only doing official middle man at ur expense or u go first . im taking paypal but i am also willing to see good ******* offers for swaps no bull love you plz i will verify ingame that i am the owner of this account cuz icbf to take pics[SWAP or RSGP] SELLING A LVL 82 F2P BHER ( 1 2 3)ONLY ACCEPTING RSGP OR PAYPAL I AM LOOKING FOR AROUND 15M RSGP OR 75$ PAYPAL. EITHER YOU PAY FOR AN OFFICIAL MM, OR YOU GO FIRST. IF NEEDED, WE WILL FIND A VERY TRUSTABLE FREE MM. We WILL use an official MM, the buyer and I will choose together. Thank you. I do not wish to scam you so just PLEASE post offers. If you`re smart, you won`t get scammed. Also, I might go first if you are VERY trusted as this is a Great Account. Again, thank you. This account has a VERY good 3 word name. It also owns non-member bh. It can kill almost anyone it fights with. If in the right hands, it can make around 1m an hour, which is easy with its stats. That's only 1 kill every 6 minutes! range can hit 17S and RUNE 2H CAN HIT 27S. It has 10 DAYS OF MEMBERSHIP LEFT He has NO BlackMarks. He has a Zamorak book |Poonti [email protected]▓▒░ Selling rune pure | 88 STR / 99 WC ▓▒░-----[$$$]Selling MAXED AGS Pure! FULLY Quested & 94 Magic!Closed, gonna make a new thread at a later date. No particular reason for the close except for the lack of offers.
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