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    [PriceCheck] 10hp 99mage 99 herb 80 range 90x2 85 mining 16mage xp!Hello affect here, I was thinking about seeling this account but I'd like to see what i can get first. The last time i botted on this account was over a year ago. it has 16m mage xp ardy cloak at 1 sum which you cant get any more. along with other notable items. This acc is some what famous in w132. Also i have 48 qps at 10hp. tinypic/view.php?pic=oanfoi&s=7 view.php?pic=21c8tav&s=7 view.php?pic=tarorp&s=7 view.php?pic=fne7on&s=7 view.php?pic=346x5sm&s=7 : Chris.barnes7 if you're interested. I can show you the account in-game if necessary. RegardsNiko's Pk Account Shop!!Hello Sythe i was thinking of starting a new skiller / Buying duo to much laggy in wildy so i've stopped Pking i don't really use thoose accounts anymore... Except my maxed main so i wan't a excellent offer for it. RULES FOR TRADES. I won't go first unless you're trusted / semi trusted.. otherweise i go first or we use OMM at 50/50 fees, no free OMM. i dont accept Paypal or swaps from any newcomer.. Sorry RSGP will be accpeted. C o N t A c T : [email protected] : Pr01337niko Youtube: Dintaber All accounts can be "proved / verified in-game if needed.. Last account is really speciel.. It's an resetted Pure with 10 Defence Dragon Slayer Nature spirit + Holy grail completed, can get barrow gloves at 20 defence.. and Tumroil + Barrow gloves @ 32 Defence. Already have rune gloves.[10-30M] I'm looking to buy a decent pure.I'm kind of short on cash, but I have 30 mil to spend on an account. I'm not looking for anything specific. Just something to have fun with while playing. Offers?[RSGP]Selling Level 72+2 HandCannon/Void Pure![RSGP]A/W is 50m - Just A/W not price 29 days of members! NO I DO NOT KNOW RECOVERYS NOR IS THE LOGIN MY [email protected]@!!! IF SOMEONE COULD TELL ME HOW TO GET RID OF RECOVERYS I WILL[RSGP]Selling BEAST pure!!! CHECK OUT THIS THREAD![RSGP]This account is wild beast! Rune cbow+ Dragon bolt e+ Eagle eye!!! Stats: Bank: This account is member + very good name![RSGP/PayPal] NEARLY MAXED QUESTED ZERKER [RSGP/PAYPAL]Pictures says everything. Taking offers. Contacts: [email protected]
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