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    Selling Many [email protected]@@@Hey guys First off i will not include pics in this thread it would take a very long time to get them all posted and linked but if you ask for them i will provide them or meet ingame or show you the acc over Teamviewer! I have a -94 Mage Starter range tank -99 Cooking g mauler -Starter hp pure (has mems) -51 Prayer skiller (Has mems) -Pure with 81 Str 60 attack 89 Fm 79 Wc (has mems) -Rune Pure with 85 mining 70 Attack 78 str -D bow rusher 40hp 81 Range 81 WC (has mems) -A few starter mains. -An 85 range range tank with FULL VOID! Those are my accounts feel free to post i will go first if you seem trusted!!! My is [email protected] -IF YOU ASK FOR PICS I WILL SUPPLY THEM!!!! we may also meet ingame or via teamviewer![Paypal/Rsgp] MODS/Trusted members- Buying berserker pure.70+ Att 90+ Str 45 Defence 94+ Mage 52 Pray 90+ Range Barrow Gloves & Lunars is a must. Firecape/Torso is a bonus. Post here.[Donor] [30+ Vouches] Selling Fully Quested 1 Def Pure [RSGP] ( 1 2)SOLD to iSambuca x for 150m! A mod can close this.[rsgp]lvl 97, 94 mage, 99 fletc[rsgp]good little account, just gonna take some offers, rsgp only sorry, i have 2 other accounts and do not need this one, so i thought id sell it, if ur keen email me: [email protected], u may see this account before you buy, has no membership left[RSgp] WTS 1 Def Range/Mage w/t 1.7mThis account has never been in anyone's possession but mine. The Recoveries are old, but my information has passed and proven to be correct, as I've tried them 3 days ago. The account was designed to be my pure, not a quick dollar. The account has 1.7m in easy to sell items, and no marks/penalties. The name has no numbers, and isn't something stupid. Though I am new here it would be unwise to think I am stupid. I am looking for a legitimate trade that has no bumps. If you want to get an MM you can, but you'll have to pay for it. I have no problems with giving you the information and any other support you'd like after payment. A/W 50m Quests Done: Desert Treasure Family Crest Horror from the Deep Lost City Monkey Madness Leave your to talk.(RSGP+Paypal) Selling INSANE gmauler lvl 67 pure 99 strength + 94 ranged! (30M BANK)Account Hey sythe! I'm selling my pure which I don't play anymore. It has a sick 30m bank with ranging gear and melee gear! No blackmarks at all since all I've done is pk. It also has 20 days mems left. You can pay with RSGPG or paypal, I'm not going first. Post your s below! PicturesSelling MAXED lvl 73 staker 1 prayer 1 defence!!! MUsT SEETitle says all, i no longer play runescape due to the fact i will be attending college this summer, i have friends that buy runescape gold and thats all im looking for for this account. I'll start the bid at 50m, I don't use paypal because i dont have a active credit card so RSGP is the easiest way for me my is [email protected] feel free to add me or private chat me any questions about the account, Thanks happy bidding.sell rune pure cheap only $4 (paypal)hey guys im here today to sell my rune pure. I have been working on it for a while now i want paypal. This account would be a great account if someone wanted to have a good head start to maxing an account. Its got 35 qp and 40 def with dragon slayer already done 65 theiving but dt not done yet. It has a email on it but that will be removed when i find a buyer i will not go first to anyone unless they mod+. I am the only owner of this account and i have all the past info of it post below and illl pm you on sythe with my . heres some pics AUTO WIN!!!! ONLY $4 (pp)
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