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    (swap) AutoRunecrafter cs & AutoCrabber Pro!Hello, i am giving my auths away for an rs account, im really looking for a zerker, the runecrafter i bought for 24.95, and the crabber for 10.95. They both work great, i have got 99 runecrafting on my main codespace/autorunecrafter.php rsbots/bots/AutoCrabber-Pro/ Thanks for your time.LVL 63 80 attak 86 dung 30milTo buy private message me or post on here thanks. im an experienced account seller so dont try to scam me. or add my [email protected] awesome 97 Dung account!!Okay, so I'm pretty pissed. I spent in $25 for 50mil to buy 75k chins, then paid this bastard $25 for him to chin me to 99. Grabbed my money, went on my account, grabbed all my love you, and left. I'm out $50 dollars. That was the last straw. I'm done with runescape. I'm done with sythe. So im gonna sell my account that I've been working on for the last 2 months. ***********IMPORTANT************* 1) love you you scammers. I'm using an OMM. Your fees. No negotiations 2) I take Paypal verified only. 3) I will provide you with all info i have. I am the original owner bid away pleaseAlmost Maxed Rune Pure (PayPal)Selling my Almost Maxed Pure, look at the pictures Only accepting paypal if you have over 20+ vouches i will go first, or pay for omm here are some pics will not accept anything less then 35$ [email protected]::-[need Your Cheap Staker? Look Here!]-::Hi, I'm selling a starting staker. The stats are fairly good to be honest so I'm looking for a reasonable offer. Uploaded with Post offers.[paypal] Fully Quested Korasi [paypal]SELLING KORASI PROD (quiting) emails will be removed, and CORRECT recovery info will be given. We can use OMM for recovery test but you pay fee. Desert treasure, Korasi, Rune gloves, Monkey Madness... etc are completed. about 120m in bank. S/B $100 A/W $150PP $20-lvl83/93str/91dung/cmaul+170k tokensSelling this account, desperate for the money. If you want to use an OMM you will pay for it, if not you will go first unless you have 25+ vouches. The account is $20 through PP contact: [email protected] CB Skiller, FOUR 99s and 6 other 80+ skills.No e-mail, Recoveries ARE set, not looking to sell to this first person offering 20m. Infact, I don't accept anything BUT Western Union, or PayPal from someone MORE trusted then me. I will NOT NOT NOT NOT go first, don't even ask. I'm not in a hurry to sell this, because I will just keep leveling it's smithing and it will eventually go for more. I don't combat this account, only skill. It's great for skilling arears level 3s cannot. I am ORIGINAL owner of this account, I have many many many membership codes I used with it. This account is about 4 years+ old. Offer away I guess. EDIT: 89 Smithing, 83 Magic now.
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