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    sellin 2 accounts 1 pure 1 tank (rsgp)hello i have recently turned my maxed pure into a zerk and now needing the cash for turmoil. -.- so now its time to sell off some of my acocunts. account 1: lvl 79 pure 84 herb sold for [email protected]@@ 84 herb cmon guys!! now i have a lvl 101+9 maxed range tank. if interested pm or leave post and we can talk over start your bidding account 1 sold for 120mil.Wanted: 1def pure or 99 mining skillerLooking for a 60 attack 99 str 99 mage 99 range pure (or as close as possible) 1 defence is a must. Must have quested the attack! I will also consider skillers, with 99 wc or 99 mining. OMM will be used, happy to pay for fees if price is right Post your offers belowSelling ULTIMATE 1 Def Pure - 2100 Total - 12 99s ( 1 2 3)This account is one of a kind and I highly doubt an account of this nature will be sold again here. It will be sold using an OMM of your choice and I will pay the fees. I will also validate ownership of the account upon request by a mod/trusted person. Now to the account itself. It is 60 Attack 1 Defence with maxed stats in combat as well as all the maxed gear it can possibly have. It also has a very high total level for a pure with 12 99s in total, which could easily be turned into 15 99s if I bothered to train the account to 99 Hp, Con + Smith which could be done in a week. Upon sale I will remove recover questions and either give you the email or we can change the email using the OMM during the exchange. I have ALL information required to fully recover this account including membership details, creation date, creation ISP and all previous passwords. I don't know exactly what this account is worth but I know I won't be selling unless the price is right so low ball offers will be ignored and I'm only looking for serious buyers. I accept either Bank Transfer, WU or RSGP which will be valued and sold at 0.5 usd/m. Stats + Proof of account:- Items worth mentioning:- Firecapes Overloads 600+ Imbued rings (300 MA Rank) Chaotic Staff Chaotic Crossbow Arcane Stream Royal Cannon Ardy Cloak 1 Addy Gloves Full Zammy Book Proof of items mentioned above:- Please post offer below or PM me through sythe. Contact details for further questions and offers:- : [email protected] Level 75 Pure With FirecapeHey i've gotten bored of p2p pking, so im going to start a new pure and be a f2p pure (40 atk) so im selling this account for rsgp! you keep all items except the gp coz i just lost that dicing. account has done all the pure quests stats: 60 atk 78 str 52 pray 83 range 94 mage 76 hp 34 summoning 1 defence please reply on here with your offers.almost maxed pure, with 99 fishing!so i got a almost maxed pure, stats: 60 att 99 str 94 rng 94 mage 52 pray and also 99 fishing and desert treasure done. account got lost city and monkey madness done also. pic: i will sell this account for rsgp, atleast 65m, or more. please contact me via private messages if ur interrestedSelling 2 Accounts [Rsgp or Swaps] 50m Each - Will Go First To TrustedSelling two Runescape Accounts. My : [email protected] #1 Level 93 Beserker pure. Will do omm if you pay fees - will go first to trusted sythers. Simple. Rsgp 50m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Noted quests: Summer's End Dragon Slayer Chosen Commander Rfd(rune gloves) Great Brain Robery What Lies Below(killed Bork) Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf Desert Treasure Noted items: Fighter Torso Firecape Rune Defender Salve amulet(e) All god books(6) Rune Gloves Void parts #2 Level 94 Range Tank. Fully quested with Summer's End + Rfd 24 summong from Summer's rewards. ----Attack/Strength do not effect the range/defence level---- ----Only at 75 75---- Will go first to trusted sythers. 50m rsgp/swaps(no mains) Post offers or your . (wealth not included) Pics: Pm or Post /offers/add my My : [email protected] Olmost maxed pure for 30M look inside.Information - I know i'm a newcomer, and i will go first to trusted people on this website! - No Bankpin - No Recoveries - No Registered email - I will go first to trusted people! Picturesbuying teleport blocker -f2p/p2-dont care bout other statstitle saysll i got a great offer!add mez [email protected] ill go first if ur trusted
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