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    Selling PERFECT level 82 staker [RICH]Hey there, I'm trying to get rid of my staker I had made about a week ago, I figured having one would be fun, but I guess staking is just not for me. Please leave ANY offers below, you may buy the account WITH OR WITHOUT the money, of course I will want atleast 170M RSGP/ $170 USD with the gold, and without the gold, just leave any offers! Pictures: My is: [email protected] and my is: ryanhurdur Thanks![RSGP ONLY]Cb 63 ~Ice Blitz~ Miths ~D Scim~Yo, selling this account for RSGP cause I was hacked for 17m recently >_> And to cut a long story short don't want to play this account again. Bank is pathetic, like 500k maybe? Dunno lol, but the guthix and armadyl books are filled. Also has Hati paws at like 95% charge or something. NOT GOING FIRST: You go first or get an OMM. Leave offers here Ty (No AW cause I have no idea how much this will go for, i'll just see how it rolls)[Rsgp] Lvl 83 Quested Rune Pure (Buy 1 get 1 free)Hello selling this lovely Rune Pure for some RSGP 105 QP, Rune Gloves, Dt and MM done. DEF IS QUESTED yes i know it has recoveries, removing them atm. As for the free account- I will add in a additional level 94 Barrows pure for free, IF i like the offer. (71 attack, 86 strenght, 70 defence, 60 prayer) Will verify in game, if needed. A/W : 15M If interested in account(s), post here or pm me. I will give out my to SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. Thank you for your time.[CHEAP]Rune Pure! 93 mage 8 range FIRECAPE+TORSO[VERY CHEAP]hjkfhjSelling one BEAST of a PKER || DT & MM Done! || Firecape || No Recovs/Email || ( 1 2)Time to Quit RS! Exams are coming up and I have to find a Job I DO NOT GO FIRST The account I'm selling is: SOLD The A/W is not set in sig. Sorry but i cba making the thread look good. any questions leave below. Regards [CHEAP ACCOUNTS SALE] (RSGP or PAYPAL!)OK so here I'm selling some of mine old accounts. I'm selling for RSGP or paypal credit. If you interested in one or mabie more of them cantact me using : [email protected] here are mine accounts with stats: "zdoxni suka" 65cmb "petterson 13" 97cmb 10m or 9$ "Dont follovv" 79cmb 5m or 5$ "isoo" 81 cmb zerker pure 12m or 11$ "grimr3p0" 108cmb 15m or 14$Buying Decent PureBuying a decent pure + must have some cash Swapping my main for it my combat is 137 got 99 rc + more Link to my main - sythe/showthread.php?t=1054405 email - [email protected][PayPal] Selling Amazing Ddser || 89 Str, 93 Thieving! || MM Done! ONLY $30!So I have this account I never use anymore so I thought I'd sell it. I am aware of my noobie status on Sythe, but regardless, I will go first only to those who are trusted. The reason I'm selling so cheap is I want to buy an autofighter bot, which are spendy. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THREAD. PAYPAL ONLY. Anything else will be reported as spam. Post offers, not "Wow nice account." I am aware it's a nice account. You don't have to tell me about it. I have all info, first pass, date created. I don't have the membership pin unfortunately, but I'm sure we can get past that Stats: Quests: Has addy gloves! Bank: Offer anything within reason. Stupid bids such as $1, please get your post count up elsewhere.. A/W is $35 MY IS: [email protected] The below is my old one, and frankly I'm too lazy to change my sig. Let the bidding begin?
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