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    [CHEAP!][RSGP] Selling lvl 63 ddser/ranger with 95 fishing!Before you read below - Im taking RSGP only. selling the acc FAST want to sell in about 30 mins will only go first to trusted member or you go first(no time for MM's unless you have 1 already) Bidding starts at 5mil! A/W - ? add my [email protected] Quests done : Monkey Madness, Lost city, Animal magnetism(Ava's Accumulator) bidding starts at 10$/10m EDIT; will only go first if really trusted otherwise will get OMM/MM at your expense or you go first.[RSGP ONLY] 3 med level pures, cheap, #! [RSGP ONLY]Hey guys, I'm looking to sell my 3 med level pures for some RSGP. I've mainly cleaned them of any wealth that I could, but since you can't trade members objects in F2P, they still have a decent amount of wealth. 2 of them have recoveries which I will end up removing if you are a serious buyer. I don't use any of these accounts anymore, and if I hadn't had tried to sell these a few months back, I could have login screenies saying 200+ days ago. Hopefully someone will be interested in any or some of these accounts, because I don't have much of a use for them anymore. :3 My :[email protected] Account #1: Account #2: ^Note the 4 character name, and its a pretty good runescape name, at least in my opinion. Account #3: ^ Hati gloves have like 70% charge left I think, enough to get it med 70's strength. Well thats about it, if I'm forgetting anything post a reply below and I'll be sure to fix it! Thanks for reading, -Jason[rsgp] lvl 83+5 init pure AND 124 MAINLooking to sale my main who has an insane original name the name alone is worth a lot will provide in the account is a classic pure also very very good So you know its an old account based on the name and that. The account has full void minus mage helm with torso and barrows gloves. My is [email protected] the init pure is a nice pker with dt done and all pure quests done except for rune gloves but still a very nice pker! with 40 summoning!Rsgp----------------------cheap Lvl 103-----------------------rsgpALL you have to do is click on the pic to make it zoom He is lvl 103 and currently has 82 strength and 78 attack Please only rsgp offers I am only looking for around 13m for the account Please post and pm me wit offer.. thanksSnoopers Acc Shop! CHEAP! (PP/RSGP)Closed..Selling Level 80 Staker! 70 69 71 (1 prayer) ( 1 2)Hi i'm selling my old staker account It's combat 80 which is very good at boxing and armour stakes (veracs/statius) I've made 100m on this account in just 4 days from the release of staking and to date made about 400m on him (see printscreens below) You could easily make a few 100mil and sell the RSGP to make your money back quickly :p Like i said i'm only selling because i now have my maxed staker which can do ever higher stakes Autowin: 50m RSGP ONLY ACCEPTING RSGP SOZ (BUY RSGP FIRST IF YOU HAVE TO SORRY) Contact me: Post/PM me or : [email protected] Happy Bidding :p Leave comments/offers here please :p * Account no longer has any items accept the statius/vestas (which is almost full), Offers should be for account and class the statius/vestas as a free gift. FULL COLLECTION OF PRINTSCREENS HERE! * Vesta chainbody x 2 (one barely degraded** the other 3 minutes left), Vesta plateskirt (barely degraded**), Vesta's Longsword (barely degraded**), Statius warhammer (3 minutes left) ** 12/15+ minutes leftRsgp-cheap Lvl 103-rsgpALL you have to do is click on the pic to make it zoom He is lvl 103 and currently has 82 strength and 78 attack Please only rsgp offers I am only looking for around 13m for the account Please post and pm me wit offer.. thanksSwap------- Looking For 45 Def Pure---------swapHello everyone i am looking for an account that has atleast: 75 strength 75 attack and 45 def Please no range on the account or prayer, magic is fine though ALL YOU HAVE TO DO ON THE PIC IS CLICK ON IT TO ZOOM!!!!! LVL 103 he currently has 82 strength now and 78 attack Please post and pm me for offers.. I can be lenient on the skills so please offer away
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