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    Selling main|RSGPHi guys, I know it's my first post but, I'm not a scammer, got some vouches on bugabuse, if you're trusted i'll go first. EDIT: I'm not looking for much cash. Stats: No mail + no recovs: Pillar thingies:Selling level 96 Main CHEAP {99 Fishing} {moneybookers/paypal}well basically i havnt used my rs account in forever, so i thought i may aswell sell it. im not asking for much at all around $15-$20, im new here so got no vouches or anything and probably looks like some kind of scam but I WILL GO FIRST Message me if your interested i want to use moneybookers if possible but can use paypal, again im pretty new to all this so excuse my stupidity. and i apologize in advance for any noobness during the exchange as again im an love you when it comes to this. Recovery questions are set but i dont even know what the answers are and the email im pretty sure you can change once you have the password. 99 fishing, 81 ranged etc pretty much 'main' stats[67 cb skiller] 93wc,3m wealth.[PP ONLY]Opps sry I areally posted it xDULTIMATE PURE SALE (3 pures) RSGP/Paypal ( 1 2)Hey guys, been building some rep in the past month doing alot of trades now its time to get rid of some of the pures ive bought because unfortunately i dont have time to use them all :O Underneath here is pictures of all the accounts, the ones with recoveries and email **WILL BE DELETED** when a serious buyer is ready to purchase. I WILL NOT GO FIRST: this community is absolutely full of scammer so you can go first or use a trusted MM or OMM (omm at your cost). MM is advised so nobody acuses me of anything : [email protected] contact my straight after posting i will accept straight away. Account 1: Recovs will be deleted aswell as email Account 2: Account 3: Uploaded with Have fun bidding, i will not accept under 30m for any of the accounts *STRICTLY* PS. Please check my vouch thread (could alter some peoples trust issues) A majority of the money earned will be donated to Plznateselling awesome staker 1 def str [email protected]@selling for rsgp only! account email and recovs.. post away thanks.. feel free to add my its [email protected] close this 1 please i made a new thread with adjustments.. thanksSelling 85 cb zerker [Swaps]Hey guys. Im getting bored with my zerker, and im looking to swap it for a new account to play on. I'd be more then happy to swap it for a 1 def pure or Ini pure, but I'm looking for a tank of some sort. Pictures of the zerker pure: Login: Stats: Wealth: Sorry the pictures may be messed up, just copy/paste into paint or PS and zoom in. But anyways, post or pm offers if you're interested. Thanks!selling cbt 96, 79 att, 99str and mage, 45 def, 52 scammed by melo at the bottom, ignore this thread.Selling rune pure! [75 attk][95 str][87 range][Fire Cape][Range/MeleeVoid]Hello Sythe, Wut here. Today I will be selling my only rune pure for Rs Gold. This account has no recoveries or email. I will provide the old passwords, internet provider, area code and so on Just to let you know that my vouches are at the bottom and you got to press x to see them. Thank You!
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