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    Combat 89 zerker pure for sale!!! (((Payment methods)))[[Paypal|RSGP]-GOOD STATS!!!!!I'm selling my zerker pure to help raise some cash to buy a red mask. heres the pics: His membership is less than that now, only 6 days. Would like to do an account verrification with an omm if any are willing? He has completed monkey madness and taken the defence reward. Also, the fremnik trials. He hasn't completed recipi for disaster yet, but I dont believe that gives defence exp? He also has a rune defender A/W 50m/50USD[15m RSGP]Pure, 80range,82mage,86fish[SWAP SKILLER]Sold To Skill Thiz![WU ONLY] LVL 57 Hybrid (82 Mage 78 Range 1 DEF) (DT DONE!) (50M+ GP)Hi, and welcome to my thread. I'm selling this awesome Ranged/Magic hybrid. I have PKed alot of people with this account, to the point where I got bored of it. RuneScape just doesn't have that "flame" for me anymore, it doesn't interest me as much as it used to. So I decided to sell this account and make some money from it. The account has Desert Treasure done, so you can use Ice Blitz on lvl 57! It has a bank worth about 55m, I'm including this in the account because I'm quitting RS. You can get 82 ranged and still be the same combat lvl too. This account was NEVER botted on! Every level was trained by hand by me, I am the original owner of the account. It has never had recovery questions, nor a registered e-mail. I have all the other info (first password, ISP of creation, membership details) and it will be included with the sale. If you are interested, please read this carefully: 1) I only accept WESTERN UNION as a payment method, this is because I have been scammed with PayPal chargebacks alot in the past. So don't offer me PayPal money, because I DO NOT ACCEPT IT. 2) You will ALWAYS go first, unless you want to use an OFFICIAL MIDDLE MAN. The fees are yours to pay, and if we use an OMM, I will give the account I'm selling to the OMM, who will hold on to it until I cashed in the WU payment. I WILL CHECK FOR IMPOSTER OMM'S, SO DON'T TRY ANYTHING. 3) If you want to make an offer, please add me on : [email protected] You can also post in this thread, I will check it as often as possible. The sale itself will always be done through though. A/W IS 100$, BUT I KNOW THIS PROBABLY WON'T BE REACHED, SO BID AWAYSelling lvl:61 [Ruined pure]Selling lvl:61 [Ruined pure] Email + recs will be removed once buyer found PM me for my or just leave yours here[rsgp] Ownage Pure 99 Str 99 Range 94 Mage 75 Attack 1 Defence. [rsgp]I AM SELLING THIS ACCOUNT FOR 60M RSGP ! NO TIMEWAISTERS PLEASE. ! My Stats Are COMBAT 85 Att-75 Str-99 Def-2 (fail) Range-99 Magic-94 Hp-87 Prayer-52 *account Has 24 Members Days Left* THERE ARE NO RECOVERY QUESTIONS, ALTHOUGH I DO HAVE MY EMAIL SET. Quests Done, Its Done Desert Treasure, Monkey Madness, Recipe For Disaster. And The One That Gives You The Holy Book. I Under No Circumstances Am Going First. THE ACCOUNT DOES NOT COME WITH THE GOLD IN THE PICTURE THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN TRANSFERD TO ANOTHER ACCOUNT AND IS READY TO BE SOLD. ADDRESS IS IN MY SIG[PAYPAL] 92CB Zerker Pure / 70 attk 96 str / D Gloves / 93 Fishing [PAYPAL]92 Combat Zerker Pure. 70 Attack 96 Strength 45 Def DRAGON GLOVES DT 93 FISHING WILL ONLY GO FIRST TO VERY TRUSTED MEMBERS - WILL SELL CHEAPER! STATS D GLOVES LOGIN Add me on and leave your email in the thread: [email protected][acc upgrade]Selling 70cb pure 91 range. [20m] ( 1 2)All info will be removed when seriously buyer ask me. 20m and 1 account upgrade! Contact me : [email protected] 20m[PAYPAL]EPIC LVL 77! 99str/94mage/2def/45pray! MM & DT[NO SWAPS]Title and pics say it all Account also has a rare name (1 word, no numbers, and unique to pvp). A/W: $100/110M Will use a MM or you first Will verify account in-game Taking all offers! PAYPAL OR RSGP ONLY : [email protected] Vouches: Quote: Originally Posted by Peach Leaves BIG vouch for The Zenith. Sold me a 99 hunter account, extremely fast and proffesional. I went first. Thanks again Zenith! Peach Quote: Originally Posted by Celbi Vouch for Zenith! Sold me MSPs fast and cheap! Quote: Originally Posted by Theta Rules All VOUCH FOR Zenith, sold me his account, I went first, everything went smooth. Quote: Originally Posted by Pokemoners2 Vouch for Zenith, sold him 3 PINS! Quote: Originally Posted by frag and bag Big vouch for zenith! Sold me a 99 hunter I WENT FIRST trade went smooth! Quote: Originally Posted by THEonlyWc3r Vouch for Zenith, 50/50 trade he is legit! 99 hunter account. Quote: Originally Posted by griff127 Vouch i went first and he gave all details, acc as described Quote: Originally Posted by Mad Botz Bought Mauler from him! I went first, Very smooth and easy to talk to. Thank You! Quote: Originally Posted by ferenheit vouch for zenith. i went first and bought his mauler. smooth trade Quote: Originally Posted by Tranquil Big vouch for Zenith, just bought the 99 thieving skiller and everything went smooth. Fun to talk with to Quote: Originally Posted by mattlanoie vouch for zenith- clean easy trade i went first ... if u dont want a scammer hes the man.
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