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    ~~~~Lvl 77 Main/SKiller~~~~I am selling a level 77 Main/Skiller. I don't know how much to sell it for so bids up.(i am also willing to trade for a good pure) I'm new, but i don't want to get scammed, so either you go first or we can trade with a mm(a trusted one) that you pay for. Account has: 90Woodcutting 77Firemaking 80fletching It isn't much of a fighter. I've had this account for a while(since 2004) so it has lots of holiday items including a rubber chicken, yoyo, scarves and all that other good stuff.I couldn't up load the pictures of my bank because of a win.doc error. But I won't sit here and lie to you and tell you it has money, because it doesn't. The bank is made up of tons of member junk and holiday items.[rsgp]selling An Ownage Acc! Has 99 Fishing 94 Hunter And Zerker/barrows Pure Stats!SELLING THIS BEAST 94, ZERKER/BARROWS PURE QUALITY STATS AND SO MANY SKILLER STATS! FISHING IS 99, HUNTER IS 94, RANGE AND MAGE ARE OWNAGE AS WELL Some facts to know before offering/posting. * I will NOT go first. Don't bother posting if your not going to have a MM or go first. * MM only if you want * is best way to contact me * I DO NOT do swaps! * Email will be cancelled. (when u get the acc u can do whatever u want with it) * I will give you ALL the information when I get my money. Other account facts. *BANK HAS AROUND 2-3M WORTH OF ITEMS! *SUPER IMPRESSIVE STATS! *THE RECOVERY TEST WILL WORK FOR THIS ACC. I DON'T MIND HAVING A RECOVERY TEST IF U WANT ONE! All I want is a really smooth trade! (MM/VMM/OMM or u go first!) NO A/W SET AT THE MOMENT, LOOKING FOR GREAT AND REASONABLE OFFERS! LEGIT OFFERS PLEASE! I DON'T MIND NEGOTIATING WE SHALL USE A MM, OMM AT UR EXPENSE OR VMM! :[email protected] Please post here as well![RSGP] selling a pureSelling a very nice pure for rsgp only, need 99 herblore on mah main. it has 6 def = tinypic/r/o86o9c/7 i want to sell today so please start offering now a/w 250m. thank you =] :[email protected] 82 initiate pure 95 range 91 strength/ desert treasure/monkeymadnesshey im quitting on this account, i accidently got it 22 defence.. it has monkey madness done and desert treasure, im trading it for rsgp so email me [email protected] if your interested oh, also it is 88 woodcutting[Paypal71 Combat - 70 Defence Tank - Barrows Gloves [Paypal]The Title says pretty much all that needs to be said! Pictures Below of all of the good stuff: Uploaded with I WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTING PAYPAL & RSGP A/W : $35 or The equivalent in RSGP. I am more than happy to use an OMM/Trusted MM at your expense. I will not go first, please don't add me to ask that. My is: [email protected] Other information: - Account has barrows gloves (RFD). - Account has no recoveries or email. - Accounts bank is organised in Tip-Top Shape. - All previous information will be given. - Absolute beast Pker and Staker! Add me on or leave you offers below, HAPPY BIDDING!Buying any acc for 15MTitle says it all, buying any acc i want, 15M is my max offer please post along with pictures thanks!Selling Maxed Initiate 1800+ [MUST SEE]Closed Closed Closed Closed ClosedCarbonz Runescape Account Store!Payment Methods: I am currently accepting the following payment methods: RSGP Paypal I will not go first unless you are trusted, feel free to pay the fee's for a PM me on sythe or add my : [email protected] Pricing: I do not have a fixed price for any of the accounts so just post or pm an offer. Lets Get Started: Account 1: CB 120 - p2p CB 112 - f2p Combat Level:(p2p) Stats: Inv:
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