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    Selling a Range Pure { PayPal }Selling this lvl 73 range pure for $9 . I will not be accepting swaps, pins or rsgp, I will not be going first at any time, Here are my vouches sythe/showthread.php?t=953044 if you are interested contact me at [email protected] here are the pics enjoy.>>[RSGP][STAKER] Selling Level 86 Staker (80-88-47-81-1-1) [STAKER][RSGP]i/stakercb.png/ Stats: Appeals/Offences: If You do not Wish to Visit the Links I Will post the Stats + Extra Information here, Stats: Attack: 80 Strength: 88 Defence: 47 Hitpoints: 81 Summoning: 1 Prayer: 1 Combat Level: 86 Appeals/Offences: 0 Black Marks Recieved in its Runescape Career, Payment Method: -RSGP Only Rules: -You Will be going First or Using an OMM/MM (ON YOUR Fees) -You Do Note Flame/Spam this Thread Starting Bid: 5M RSGP Current Offer + Sythe User: 30M From Bm4s Autowin: NOT YET SET *I AM IN NO RUSH TO SELL THE ACCOUNT, WILL BE WAITING FOR OFFERS THAT I LIKE * -Happy Bidding[Swap] 109 pker, 96 range [For] Tank/Hand Cannoner [Swap]Hey! I am looking to swap this account for a good tank/hand cannon pure! pritty simple! Post Offers Below!Buying maxed 1 - 20 defence pureBuying maxed or almost maxed 1 - 20 defence pure, must have done pures quests dt, mm addy gloves etc, if it is 20 defence must be fully quested with 60 attack, Rune gloves etc.. Please (NO MORE THAN 60 ATTACK) and (NO MORE) than 20 defence willing to use an OMM + Recovery Checks Btw would be nice if the account had decent skills and not have 99 hunter/99 theiv/99 wc etc Post here on what you have thanksAmazing Acc sale!!!!!!!!!!!close thisBuying Accounts With Good RunecraftingI am buying accounts with 60-70+ runecrafting, I am not paying a fortune for it, either through paypal or Runescape Gold. Message me on add me, [email protected][PP] Buying Pure Staker!! [PP]I'm interested in buying a staker. You MUST list the stats in your offers. Mage boxers with DT done are preferred!! Nothing with prayer over 13, preferably only 1. If a mage, must have DT done. I just signed up on the site, so I don't have any vouches, but would ONLY be willing to go first if you are very trusted on the site and/or are a mod. I will also be fine with using a MM if you pay the fees. Post away[Cheap] Tha Traina's Account Store [Rsgp/Paypal]Hey sythe looking to sell my 2 accounts for rsgp! I need rsgp for staking(of course) I will sell both accounts a piece or together. NEITHE ACCOUNT HAVE ANY CASH ON THEM, DESPITE THE PICTURES Account 1~ 25M autowin Account 2~ 40m autowin Please post here before adding my . Dont spam/flame.
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