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    Sell 64 Combat 11 Def Pure, 99 Mining, WC, Cook, FM! [RSGP]! 15M A/W!I WILL NOT GO FIRST! YOU PAY FOR OMM FEE'S OR YOU GO FIRST! Should be reasonable since I'm only asking 15M for an account I never play on..but.. Hello all, I'm selling my awesome skiller/pure account. It is combat level is 64 F2P, 66 P2P. It has 99 Mining, 99 Cooking, 99 Firemaking, and 99 Woodcutting! Cooking has 20.1M exp in it! Under 4k rank so it's not nooby haha! This account has NEVER been botted on! No worries of being banned, never gotten a ban or mute! CLEAN account. There is no money on the account as i transfered it to my pure. Very nice account and 15M A/W! Don't pass this great offer up! You'll NEVER see a great offer like this again! Any other questions? Just simply post here and ask! Stats: Login Screen: Offence Pillars: -Lasted Fear[RSGP]Amazing Zerk[94 Mage][RSGP]Nothing Removed[RSGP] [UP TO 60M] BUY 1 Def Pure/DT/MM DONE [RSGP]Must have DT/MM, Firecape optional. 80+ str, 80+ mage. Post links. Spending up to 60M. No recoverys set or I won't buy.~Selling 64 Combat Pure/Skiller! 99 Mine, WC, Cook, FM! 35M A/W~[RSGP]close this garbage thread..[BANKTRANSFER] Maxed pure 70m bank £50 only [UK only]Selling a beutiful near maxed pure only for £50 78+6 done all pure quests has pk supplies and 51m cash pile. Check my vouches over $300 traded Long time trusted member YOU FIRST OR OMM IM ORIGINAL OWNER ALL RECOVERY DETAILS WILL BE GIVEN Add me [email protected] NO ACCOUNTS NO TRADES NO PAYPAL ONLY CASH VIA UK BANK TRANSFERRs account lvl 87/96, 9 99's, 5m in items, good pker ( 1 2 3)Hey there everyone, i've decided to sell my account. It has a fire cape, torso, varrock level 3 armor, lvl 2 fally shield, no cash, holiday items dating back from Halloween 2007 and other items, last but not least, 25.4m mining exp!!!!!!!!!!; its a good account with 26 days of membership left as of february 2nd, and it has done all major quests(227/312 quests done)!!! I am the original owner of this account with all information. Once i find a buyer i remove the email with recoveries. Although I AM new to this site, i still don't feel comfortable going first, so we either you will go first or we will use omm plznate7 and you pay fees. well that's about it. If anyone is interested, LEAVE A POST and/or offers with ur and ill get back to you when i can. thanks Willing to trade it just for a blue h'ween mask/santa hat only, or for only 40mrsgp!!!! I repeat, it has no cash on it; like 5m in items!!!! And thanks for reading. Serious offers only, and if anyone tries to scam me, i will file a report. Here are links to the photos: thanks for looking! and ill say again, Serious Offers Only!![RSGP]Selling 36 def pure nearly maxed 120qp rune gloves f cape[RSGP]Hi guys i have started a new account due to bieng hacked for 36 deffence the defence was quested account has fire cape rune gloves 120 qp around 12m bank i am selling this account for 30m I know i have no posts or vouches that is due to me bieng from powerbot i have 500+ posts 3 positive feedback and 15+ vouches on powerbot but enought of me here are the pics of the account: I know the account has recoverys/email but i will remove once i find a serious buyer A/w: 30m Current offer: None If you have more questions please add my [email protected] I will not go first unless you are Trusted I decide if your trusted OMM can be used you pay fees or you go first[PP][RSGP] Selling 'failed' maulerhey selling this mauler here: pictures: its 62 cmb and has: death plateau elemental workshop ii lost city DONE STARTBID: 15M/15$ A/W: 22M/22$ I have all info (creation details, member, ...
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