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    beast Near Maxed Zerker For Sale!I have a main which im trying to put cash on but don't have atm so i will need to sell this zerker. Its Near maxed only 3 levels away on strength. i am the orginal owner of this account so i will be giving original info.I would be glad to use omm but at your expenses. Transaction would be payed via paypal. Happy biding My is [email protected] I also have a : Nigthzcrush I dont have a set price yet so you will have to start biding. If you want more pics of the account i would be glad to do so. Winning Bid:[PP] Fully quested 1 Def Pure! 1300+ Total level, 2 99's [RSGP]SOLD![PAYPAL/RSGP]EPIC LVL 77! 99str/94mage/2def/45pray! MM & DT[NO SWAPS]Title and pics say it all Account also has a rare name (1 word, no numbers, and unique to pvp). A/W: $100/110M Will use a MM or you first Will verify account in-game Taking all offers! PAYPAL OR RSGP ONLY : [email protected]! 78 cb, 95 range! [RSGP]Hey hey, shylo again with another acc for sale... makes PLENTYof money (in the last 2 days alone ive made over 250m with it)... but i prefer staking on my pure mager, so just selling this one for now... (keep posted, as i may sell my mage pure too!)... Have a few vouches from some very trusted people on sythe, your welcome to have a look. Currently taking the recovs off now, so will get a pic up when that happens! Happy bidding, Will take rsgp only. Not really keen for swaps unless its a staker, with the stats to go with... Stats - Recovs - Shylo W set to 30m[RSGP]Selling lvl 91+4 Almost Maxed 60 Att Zerk[Rare Name][Quested]FCape 6x99[RSGP]Welcome! I am selling my nearly maxed 60 att zerker! It has a rare multispaced name (also it's username, multispaced names (8 spaces between 2 letters) can no longer be created). I am selling for RSGP because I have become addicted to staking on my pure lol and I got cleaned BECOME MY ENABLER!!! Anyways here are the pics. The defence was quested except I didn't do Defender of Varrock so sadly you will need to get 46 def if you want Turmoil. Bank Stats/Quests : [email protected] Post here before adding me. I WILL NOT GO FIRST. WE WILL USE OMM OR YOU WILL GO FIRST! I've got 4 vouches in my profile, plus a mod vouch from jCash4991... Even though he's banned haha.Buying 1 pray AccountHi, im looking to buy an account around 80-93cb with 1 prayer 1 sum. This is a MUST. Looking to spend 80m Other than that im not too fussed about the stats Pref stats, 60+ attack 85+str 40+def or Boxing stats anything along the lines of.. 80 attack 60 strength 70+ defence 1 Prayer 1 Summ They cant be SW'ed I want a DECENT HP level Thanks, Bm4s[RSGP ONLY] Selling 60 Attack Pure,84Str, 44Pray, 96Range, 86Hp, 83MageSelling 60 Attack Pure for RSGP Stats Are as Followed: 60 Attack, 84 Strength, 6 Defence, 44 Pray, 96 Range, 86 Hp, 83 Magic, 55 slayer, 94 Hunter(Can Do Puro Puro and Has Supplies in Bank for It),55 Farming,16 Dungeoneering,50 Runecrafting (Blue Runecafting Robe Top and Bottom),56 Mining,52 WoodCutting,52 Summoning. The Display Name on the Account is "Do It U Wont". Here Are Some Pictures Of the Account Of the Bank, Lobby to show there is No Recoveries, and Stats on the Account. Also There Are 31 Days of Membership Left on the Account As of February 26, 2011. Quests Completed: Desert Treasure Completed, Addy Gloves,Animal Magnetism, Monkey Madness, Lost City, Horror Of The Deep, You Name it. All the Quests the Pure Needs I've Done it. Except for Anchor. Haven't done that because I'm 44prayer. This Account is Safe and Secure, I Will not be recovering It. It Has my email set on it but you may change it when we trade. It does NOT have recoveries. So I want the person that is buying the account to Pay First. I've Been scammed many times in the past before, so I'm tired of going first. And I'm really tired of people saying they have vouches so they wont scam, it doesn't matter to me you have to go first. I'm tired of getting scammed. And Anyways it has No Bank Pin No Recoveries It's a Pure with 6 Defence So You Could Ruin it and Scam Me So That's Why The Buyer Has to Pay First. =============================================== Starting Price 10M GP. Auto Win 25M GP. Not Taking Trades, Only Taking the GP as Stated Above, Must pay first. If Interested Post on this thread or Message Me on : [email protected] amazing pure! ( 1 2)Not For Sale.
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