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    Looking for a RC accInterested in an account: - Defense is very high (or highest cb skill) - A substantial, high RC level is a must - CB does not exceed 99 - HP does not matter - Lunar Diplomacy is preferred to have been completed There may be exceptions, but feel free to post and pm. Do not add my until I have given you the okay to.[paypal][47 Def] Cb 85 90 Str 99 Magic 82 Range Dt Done [paypal]I'm selling this account I've quit on it if you want it just post your offer and below and I'll come back to you Its a really good account I've pked so much on it it has 300k but really good stats and Its also member. ACCEPTING RSGP !! PHOTOS: Will use OMM, ( You pay fee's ) Not going first.Selling 95 strength rune pure!Hello Sythe, Wut here. Today I will be selling my only rune pure for Rs Gold or Paypal Cash. This account has no recoveries or email. Just to let you know that my vouches are at the bottom and you got to press x to see them. Thank You!Selling 12 month xbox live gold membership for rsgp!!selling 12 month xbox live gold membership code for rsgp pm me with offers[RSGP] 99 Str, 77 CB + Sol = Pro Staker! ( 1 2 3)selling this because ive already made tons of cash and making a whole new kind of staker right now. Pictures: ASK FOR PM!! SOMEONE IS SAYIGN THEY ARE ME! Offer Away, leave a ![SWAP] Nearly Maxed Korasi Prod | Veng + DT | Rune Gloves | READ MORE! >>>>>>RULES & INFO CENTER] - I will not go first unless you have 15+ vouches. - I will use a middle man. - Looking for zerker with 99 str and turmoil with some money on account, you must have creation details and be the original owner. - Please post offer as well as your . - I have all creation details as I'm the original owner. PICTURE for a pure/hybrid.Here's what I'm offering: ~Level 87 (p2p) tanker ~Has 3 99's (fishing, firemaking, fletching) ~1700+ total level ~Not a great bank, but I can put some money on it if necessary ~MM and DT are done, otherwise there's not many quests done, sorry. I'll let the screenshots say the rest. -it's not melee based-Selling rune pure! [75 attk] [95 str] [87 range] [Fire Cape][Full Void]I am selling my only rune pure because I dont play on it anymore and I would like Gp's for it. I know I have no posts and most of you think im untrusted and thats why I will be going first if you have a good post amount. I quit this account and thats why i prefer Gp's for it. Thank You :=) I am also selling my med level = sythe/showthread.php?t=1050746 Bid for both accounts starts at 15m! Thank You
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