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    Selling level 78 combat purei will cancel the recoverys and email when the buyer is found. post your offers rsgp only. pretty cool name only 4 letters Has addy gloves 75 quest points main quests like mm and dt. 10m in items 2 skill capes firecape good mageboxer im looking for a good deal for this account if you were to buy from a professional site it would cost maybe thousands of dollars if you wanted them to train it or an account from there site thats around 500-600 usd. im looking for an offer around 400-700m it seems excesive but yeah i play for fun i dont want to bust my time making that money or you dont want to spend that time making a pure. thanks again.Buying G Maul Rusher!! or D Claw Rusher!!!!HEY!!! and yes im using pink... Im Looking for a RUSHER!!! I want...50 att and 90+ str!! OR I want 60 att and 90 str+ NO NO NO DEF okay ill take 2 def... and what am i offering!!!! sythe/showthread.php?t=1058280Buying Range Tank RSGPI am buying a range tank with 99+ range and 60+ def can not be over 98 Combat! (summoning doesn't matter) I have around 40-50Mil RSGP and I have an OMM ready to use. Feren Silver will be my/our OMM.looking for account look insidestats dont really matter im mainly looking for questing done and agility level. anything else IS a bonus. dungeonnering is always appreciated . full agile would be great and the questing im looking for is dt or at least the reqs i dont mind questing just the quests before a quest annoy me. rfd addy gloves if 1 def rune if 13 def and dragon/barrows if 13-35. just post your accounts and i will let you know if I am interested. my is [email protected] add me and send me a pm or post here if u do please.Looking For **** AccountsI need any free accounts that you have to train! I DON'T want to start from scratch! PM me info TY![RSGP] Excellent Rune Pure! [VENGE, 130+ QP, HANDCANNON] ( 1 2)Hey there sythe, I'm looking to sell one of my prized possessions. Account is level 79 +3 with vengeance, hand cannon, and major potential! A lot of the major quests have been done, some haven't though. Account can also obtain barrows gloves without gaining any more defence levels! I'm looking for a reasonable amount of RSGP for this account. I will not be going first, we can use an omm at your expense or you can go first. Happy bidding!(swap) Pro Staker For Sale! 99 Attack 1 Sum 1 Prayer!(swap)Whats up sythe, Im looking to sell my staking account that has made me millions. Im looking to get more into pking, so i am looking for swaps of pro pure accounts. Please dont offer me garbage pure accounts with low stats. the account im offering has almost 4 99's including attack, hunter, fishing, and strength. The account was botted, but hasnt been botted on in over 3 months [email protected] Stats: Combat: log in: [email protected][Selling]Maxed 60 Attack Turmoil Zerker. 97 Combat. Perfect. Mail only. [meet up NJ]yep selling my maxed turmoil zerker for real life money only. we will use an omm or you'll go first - only options. if you live in nj id be glad to meet up to exchange. any offers under $150 will be considered spam and reported i will delete recovs/email when i receive a serious offer. dont try to scam me because there is no way i can be scammed pm me with an offer or post your here. ill add you and always ask for a pm thx
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