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    Wanting To Buy:Ok, So the past few weeks I've been on Sythe looking for a good pure. I've purchased 1 alonf with 100M gold to put on it. 6 days later It was recoverd....SCAM Next I was trying to purchase another pure for 95 RSGP. I gave him the gold then he blocked me on .... No name... SCAM! SOOOOO I want to pay for a good quality good name pure. WE Will use an OMM Stats desired: ATTACK: 50 or 60. STRENGTH: 99 RANGE: 99 PRAYER: * - Varries - * Defence: 1 HP: 85+ MAGIC: 99 I want all neccesary pure quests completed DT, MM, etc.... No Black Marks Prefferably a decent name short simple and unique. I want to have 100m+ on it so if theres any GOLD on it just leave it Please Reply to this thread if you can custom train me one and/or sell me one close to these stats. I know this section is for selling only but let's be honest, %80 of those posts are probably scammers.[RSGP]97 whip staker/barrow pureHeres login: heres stats: Looking for like 20M for this account may take lower if i like offer, [email protected] is my [RSGP][PAYPAL]AMAZING F2P pure - 62 cb - 90 str - 40 att![RSGP][PAYPAL]--------------Hello please offer at this.. Start - 20m a/w - dont know.Selling 99 Strength 60 Atk Prod! RSGP/PP! ( 1 2)sold for $55SHaneBoy's Account Shop Maxed main 137 and Maxed Zerker Must See!!!HEY GUYS SHANEBOY HERE' I AM SELLING MY MAXED MAIN LEVEL 137 AND MY MAXED ZERKER LEVEL 101 BECAUSE I AM QUITTING THESE TWO ACCOUNTS AND WILL NOW BE PLAYING ON MY NEAR TO MAXED PURE. SO I WILL BE SELLING THESE ACCOUNTS CHEAP BUT NOT TO CHEAP. IF INTERESTED ADD MY [email protected] RULES: 1. I ONLY GO FIRST TO TRUSTED PEOPLE 2. YOU GO FIRST OR YOU CAN GET A MM IF YOU'RE NOT TRUSTED 3. DON'T TRY AND SCAM ME 4. IM READY TO SELL NOW ACCOUNT ONE MAXED MAIN A/W= 140M L/W= 90M ACCOUNT TWO MAXED ZERKER A/W=90M L/W=60M OFFER AWAY PEOPLE ADD MY IF INTERESTED [email protected] to buy a hybrid pure(94+mage/low def)hi, Im looking to buy a hybrid DT pure with rsgp. The acc. must have low def. It also must have atleast 94 mage for barrage. I would like these stats but am willing to accept other offers. 60-75 atk 80-99 str 94-99 mage 1-3 def 13-52 prayer 70+ range The acc. doesnt have to have money but if it has a fire cape or etc. I will pay extra.[rsgp] Selling Amazing Zerker![rsgp]Selling this zerker account, There is email reg on it but will be removed on trade to your choice i can provide all recoverys + create date. i am original owner of the account. The account have been botted on ( 3 months ago now) Done all Pk quests such as Lunar DT, Heroes etc. it also have up to rune gloves. - Contact me on : [email protected] Price 40m. The bank has been removed from it. [][/IMG] Uploaded with [][/IMG] Uploaded with [][/IMG] Uploaded with ImageShack.usSelling a Range Pure { PayPal }Selling this lvl 73 range pure for $9 .I will not be accepting swaps, pins or rsgp, I will not be going first at any time, Here are my vouches sythe/showthread.php?t=953044 if you are interested contact me at [email protected] here are the pics enjoy. Uploaded with
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