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    [Perfect Pure] 99 Magic, High Strength and Range [Great Skills]Hello, I am selling an Ini Pure. Not selling for very much as I have quit the game and would like to make some cash for my account, as I have bills to pay. I am interested in NON scammers, and please dont message me if you arnt actually interested in the account. I Know the last 2 sets of recoverie questions, first ever used password, all previous passwords and everything. There is no recoveries set on this account at this very time so it will be ready to buy, when ever you like. If you would like to know anything else about this account please notify as soon as possible. If you would like to message me on , please add me as a friend send me and email or something: [email protected] Please no scammers, people have already tried before and failed.selling lv 58pure account $30selling lv 58 pure 30$ highscores: "ibashyrface" 50atk/str 79range 71magic 66hp 58cb this account is an epic pker. and has gear ready to pk with. : [email protected] add me. ill sell for $30.*Rare 4 letter name* Level 90 Zerker Pure *Claws*Hey guys, I'm selling my Level 90 Zerker pure (comes with claws) *Also has a rare 4 letter name * ~~Also comes with full members credit~~ Stats: Money: 4 Letter Name/Mute : Quests Completed: ALL Transactions will be made my Paypal™ Comment or send PM if interested Depending on the price paid for the account, the more rs cash you will get.Selling 6 Pkers [ Rsgppaypal]hey guys just selling a few of my chars bid away. [RSGP OR PAYPAL] 1stats sold!!! 2stats recovs 3stats done monkey and preist in peral recovs 4stats recovs acc 5 sold 6stats A/W 10M monkey done, full zam book recovs will go first if you are trusted, if not trusted or official mm, or you first[RSGP]Selling Pure With Addy Gloves, DT Done, Unholy Book![4 99's][Paypal] ( 1 2)Selling this awesome pure, due to starting a tank Comes with addy gloves, unholy book with all pages, and all the most important quests done. (Ancients, Accumulator, Addy gloves, DDS, Dscim) Has a really cool name that has never been changed, no weird letters, spaces, or numbers This is the account you might have seen in the picture/video section in my "Dclaw rushing" threads. This is a true moneymaker 70M Pk 42M Pk 32M Pk I'd prefer taking RSGP for it, but will consider Paypal from trusted users. NO SWAPS!!!!!!Level 70 Pro Staker. Wins 73% Of The Time.Account now has 73 defence Personally tested the account on F2P done 40 stakes of 40K and won 29 of them which is 73% Won. RSGP only offers. No autowin. Account has no recovs/email. Never been member. I can supply anywhere upto 120M gp on the account. Post offers here please.Ownage LvL 82 Rune Pure w/HandcannonPost with offers! will take rsgp or paypal. i WILL use a MM or OMM, or if your trusted I'll go first.Almost maxed Initiate godsword pure! 99 str 99 mage 87 rangeI am selling this account because personally i enjoy 60 attack pure more and I already have a maxed main to stake on so I have no more use for this account. This account is fully quested and has everything done an initiate pure needs completed such as rune gloves, desert treasures, recruitment drive, and animals magnetism. log in screen: Stats: Black marks: If you are interested please leave your offer with your below If you wish to talk add me on : [email protected] Starting bid: 15m Current highest bid: 20m Auto win: 65m I AM NOT ACCEPTING ACCOUNT SWAPS I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS YOU ARE VERY TRUSTED STATUS: ONLINE
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