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    Melee Pure - 75 Att/90 Str WITH FirecapeJust To Start: I realise I have just signed up to this website, but it seems the only place of which i can rid of these accounts I have found from years back. Im 21, at University, so clearly have no time to play Runescape anymore, and with courses costing money, would like to sell my accounts off. I will NOT give out the password first. As desperate as i am to sell, i am also not thick to fall for a scammers tricks. I am accepting either paypal/postal payments. Account has a Firecape, and has completed most Pure quests apart from MM. Comes with no GP. Not too sure what to expect for this account, so add me on - [email protected] to disccuss. Do not add if you are attempting to scam. Thanks Other Accounts for Sale: sythe/showthread.php?t=1062384 - 60/86/1 Pure sythe/showthread.php?p=8303606#post8303606 - Staker 75/51/70 sythe/showthread.php?p=8303637#post8303637 - 101 MainSelling Mage/Ranger Pure [RSGP]Selling this great combat 73 Range/ Mage pure. Let me know if you have any offers. The main highlight of this account is it's 85 magic level. It also has ancient magic as well. With some work it can become very deadly.[Buying][BOTS] RuneCrafters, Avansies, Fighters[ACCOUNTS][BOTS]Hello Sythe, i am currently buying accounts that specialize in 1. RuneCrafting - Accounts with high runecrafting, decent combat level (such as defense, summoning, etc..) 2. Avansie Accounts - Accounts that have high ranged and defense so they can be botted with Avansies 3. Fighter Accounts - Accounts that overall have a good mixture of strength/attack/defense I will be paying strictly with paypal only, please PM me or post here if you are interested to sell Thank You!Selling a Range Pure { PayPal }Selling this lvl 73 range pure for $9 . I will not be accepting swaps, pins or rsgp, I will not be going first at any time, Here are my vouches sythe/showthread.php?t=953044 if you are interested contact me at [email protected] here are the pics enjoy. Uploaded with ImageShack.usMaxed Pure 4 Sale Cheapselling my maxed int. pure for rsgp only - [email protected] will give you all account info and use mmBuying the PERFECT pure.Hello sythe im currently looking for this kind of pure: 1-52 Prayer. 90-99 Range. 90-99 Strength. 1-70 Attack. 94-99 Magic. Hp is not a big deal. DEF 1-20 [if more then 1 quested for gloves. Looking for a quested pure ready to pk. Can offer up to 100M RSGP! post what you have and your please. [email protected][SWAP/PP] Rune Pure 99STR 94RNG 40DEF 89CMB! [SWAP/PP]
    hey guys i want to swap this account for a tank its a decent account and wrecks in pvp. not sure about a PP price but offer if you want so here are some pictures autowin 40$ STATS LOGIN COMBAT~~~$$$ [rsgp]level 94 Amazing Zerker Dt/mm/lunars Done [rsgp]$$$~~~I am currently selling this amazing zerker for RSGP. I am leaving you with some pvp gear and dragon claws. RFD quested up to addy, Desert treasure done, 96 strength , 45 (nearly fully quested) defense and monkey madness done, lunars done, and almost got 80 dungeoneering for that chaotic weapon if you want it! I recently bought this account back from jagex after its stats were cut in half/rolled back, played on it a little more and decided not to keep it. You can go on a d claw rush to your hearts content, or have some venging fun! Almost got that chaotic if you want to get it! I don't like pure's anymore. So yeah, i'm selling this nice zerker, All I want to do is camp the Corporal beast on my main [/] [/] I will not go first but will meet in game. No recovs or email set I am the only owner Bidding starts at 60M (Bank is 30Mish, and i paid 30 for it, i want to at least get my money back. and don't feel like taking all that stuff off incase it doesn't sell or w/e) and the A/W is 120m
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