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    Almost maxed Initiate godsword pure! 99 str 99 mage 87 rangeI am selling this account because personally i enjoy 60 attack pure more and I already have a maxed main to stake on so I have no more use for this account. This account is fully quested and has everything done an initiate pure needs completed such as rune gloves, desert treasures, recruitment drive, and animals magnetism. log in screen: Stats: Black marks: If you are interested please leave your offer with your below If you wish to talk add me on : [email protected] Starting bid: 15m Current highest bid: 20m Auto win: 65m I AM NOT ACCEPTING ACCOUNT SWAPS I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS YOU ARE VERY TRUSTED STATUS: ONLINEawesome zerker pure for sale «rsgphi im selling my zerker pure made a new pure dont play on zerk anymore it has 8 days mem left add my [email protected] Level 99 Cheap! 96hunter!Selling my main, it's a god skiller. I'l be posting screen's off it's stats in the end. I will only accept: -Payment trought paypal - Will accept trade whit MM - If wanted MM you pay fees ------------------------- Send me a pm or just simply add me on . name: jack.march89 If needed i will give my pm me for it. ------------------------------------------ Stat's: Look under for screen's. ------------------------------------------- Price: Make contact whit me and we will figure out a price that satify's bout off us. Will not be expensive at all, as im quiting. ------------------------------------------------ Recoverie's and E-mail's / Account information. I will give out all the account information when purchased, i have it saved in notepad. First password/ when created/first time member + member code/ where created / Ip created on etc/ Earliest Recovery answar's. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Reason im selling it: I'm quiting runescape and instead of letting my account just sit there and never get used im sellin it. -----------------------------------------------------Selling rare namesExorcisms Reopening uzh (slang term that stands for: the usual)(pronounced: yew-shhz) Preamble Rattles 6M each, message me on here, leave a reply or add my : [email protected] WRONG SECTION: CAN SOMEONE MOVE THIS TO MISSCELANIOUS -THANKS, -CRAZEDnice zerker purecombat 79. selling this zerker rune pure for rsgp. looking to sell it tonight. no email, pin, recovs, etc. hasnt been played on in years, created in about 2006. [email protected] . thanks!Selling Godsword Hybrid Pure !My one and only e-mail address is: Quote: [email protected] Remember I WILL NEVER add you, you must add me! - No recovery questions, e-mail address or bank pin - Fully legit, never botted, no offenses at all - Has never been sold/bought before Auto-win: 20M RSGP or PURE with DT DONE and 1 DEFENCE Account is now 80 Magic and still has 15 days of membership! ----Description: God sword Hybrid Pure with 1 prayer Good at staking and PKing----spending 10m on a purepost offers on here please[RSGP] Selling beast Lv75 (99 str, 99 range) [UPDATE!] [RSGP]I am selling this account for strictly just RSGP, i am no longer doing paypal becuz i cancelled my paypal account. I have no intention going first so if you think your going to convince me to go first then dont bother contacting me, its either you go first, 50/50, or we get a omm. I will be accepting offers. A/W = 60m : [email protected]
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