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    Rune pure: FIRECAPE+TORSO+FIGHTER HELM [PP][RSGP]ADD ME ON : [email protected] OMM - Your fees Or you first Possibly doing 50.50's but only to certain posters. I'll only go first to people with high vouches. I'm accepting RSGP aswell as paypal $'s, to fund My 1 def pure I'll give you all the account information, And it's still a member for another 13 days. Open to all offers. The account is currently muted for 14 days, due to myself swearing at people scamming 'Doubling money'. It's annoys me you see. The account is a good range staker, and mage boxes well too. It has zuriels staff to cast miasmic blitz, and blood barrage to slap melee'ers and rangers in 'no movement' 'No special' duels. Very good staker, with reasonable hp. Happy bidding, there is no A/W but high offers I think appropriate will A/W aha{SWAP} Ownage Zerker, 97cb, 99 range, 96 magic, 94str, Korasi sword {SWAP}swaping/could consider runescape money. great pking account , lvl 97 zerker pure with .. 78 atk (korasi sword, e.g its special attack hits a powerfull magical attack) 94 str 46 defence 94 hp 99 range 96 magic(taste vengences ,ancient spells) 52 prayer(smite whips d claws etc) 61 summoning(makes combat 104)this account is not member. 196 quest points got barrows gloves, -------looking for a staker account with 1 prayer-------- ill delete email before soldSelling lvl 96 main { PayPal}Im selling this lvl 96 main for $20 it has 99 firemaking and a sara sord. Here are my vouches sythe/showthread.php?t=953044 I will not be going first at any time and i do not want swaps or pins. If your interested conact me at [email protected] Contact me at [email protected][PAYPAL] Selling MAXED 60 ATK 99 STR D-ClawerPaypal offers ONLY, no rsgp, no swaps.[RSGP] 99 Miner/Defense Pure [CHEAP]Edit: Close PleaseVery nice pure for League of legends acc or paypalI'm trading my pure for league of legends very good account or paypal cash! Here is pics of accounts 1. 2. My : [email protected] tank range/r 2 99spost ur offers here looking for swaps or rsgp willing to use OMM if u pay , u go first unless very trusted post links or pictures please not just stats [email protected]{RSGP}{SWAPS}Huge Account Sale ( 1 2)Okay so, i've become overwhelmed with things to do and want too focus on 1 account, but I figured I could fund my training supplies by selling a few accounts. Account 1: Obsidian Mauler - Combat 37 Accounts 4 days old, never had recoveries or email registered. Account 2: Rune Pure - 95 Combat Account is around 4/5 years old, has lunars, ancients, mm, lost city, all stats that are blanked out, are all 1, rune gloves, fremminik trials, full zamorak book. Account 3: Rune Pure - 81 Combat Quite a good account really, did enjoy training/pking on this, has ancients, rune gloves, full guthix book, climbing boots, mm, lost city, accumulator, pretty much everything done apart from gloves. has 117 qp i think Account 4: Barrows pure/Main - 110 Combat SOLD Thanks for viewing my accounts, if you're interested in any PM me on Sythe forums and I will give out my address. Accounts i'm interested in are: Tanks, G maulers with ancients, and 20 defence pures. Would much prefer RSGP though. Accounts will be explained in more depth via . Wanting to go first, unless you' have atleast 7+ vouches, but again arrangements will be discussed in more detail through /pm
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