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    selling pure-overloads-500m in potsrs gp only! you pay omm fees or go first. anything under 150m will be reported. getting lunars+torso ect. 80+ smithing 90+ str 60+ agility 50+ dung. 80+ hp less than 100k xp from 99 herblore. fire away.Selling Great RS Accounts For.. ( 1 2)Accepting: WoW EU Accounts, WoW Classic to Cata EU Keys and maybe RSGP/PAYPAL (since can deal with those too) Accounts what I Offer: 1st Account. Nice cb 71 "skiller". Also have like 5-10M worth bank (not sure) + another 10M on Picture. RECOVERIES WILL BE REMOVED IF I GOT DEAL. Also has Fire cape, Adze and more nice stuff like on picture. And like all useful quests completed (monkey madness, desert treasure and much more) (the ones what existed 1-2years ago) Dungeoneering below 10. 2nd Account Nice cb 71 Def 1 Pure. Hidden skills around 30. I created both accounts and have every single detail. Selling because haven't played RS some time and I want to play retail WoW. Offer now! : [email protected] 86 2 99s and mage lvl 90Account level: 86 Price wanted:20+ Opening Bidding price:20$ Auto Win price:40 Recovery questions:Yes Did you make the account:No my friend gave me out after he quit How was the first payment of the account madeunu Any vouches to prove that you are an legitimate seller? If so, please post:Uhm ive bought an account before from tyluur and i dont scam anyone and yeah heres the only pic atm ill get more later on the side note i do not know the email registration i will provide recovery answers when purchased and yeah its also got 0 cash but you can see easy money maker I WILL PROVIDE A MM my is [email protected] lvl 9172 att 79str 70def 94 fishing. paypal or rsgp. happy to talk about prices and can send pics on .Beware Of This Scammer ( Please Read )Thread LINK: sythe/showthread.php?t=1069881 SCAMMER: Beast123456 He made a thread in the Runescape Market section. LINK: sythe/showthread.php?t=1060189 He was selling a pure WARNING: ( DO NOT BUY THE NAME BELOW ) Login Name: Fear Brute Runescape Name: Scotlandz 1 defence 60 attack 96 str 96 magic 96 range 52 prayer DT done as well as MM. I put about 120m on the name after I purchased it from Beast123456 through paypal. We were using to contact each other but I cannot remember his . I payed $75.00 USD for the name then put 120m on it, so thats about $200 worth that I was scammed out of. Thanks again Beast123456 Please can a MOD or ADMIN if there is any that still do their job, BAN him and copy and paste his IP address for everyone to trace (or at least me) I want to press charges if even possible. I have contacted my local authorities and they told me to contact a special agencey that deals with Online Fraud and Scamming. I will have this settled in Small Claims Court. His Vouches Link: sythe/showthread.php?p=8314907#post8314907Pro Boxer/staker 70 CombatACCOUNT NOW HAS 72 DEFENCE. RSGP only offers. No autowin. Account has no recovs/email. Never been member. I can supply anywhere upto 250M gp on the account. Post offers here please.ULTIMATE ZEKER PURE, 45Def, FULL VOID MUST SEE!! Hi i am selling my zeker pure Stats are 71 attack 88 strength 45 defense 81 range 41 pray 82 hp 87 hunter ( can make around 1.2mil per hour at puro puro with this level) --------------- I will meet you in the game where you can ask me questions if interested post your acc names here and i will add you.Zerk,Initiate,1defence,Ranger,Skiller,2-main accounts recovs on purchase. PRIVATE MESSAGE ME OR SORT OUT VIA INBOX... Deals will be done via Paypal. Will consider RSGP if it is a reasonable ammount but would prefer USD/GBP via Paypal. Thanks, Super Staker. Zerker: 73 Combat A/W : $20 B/S : $10 60 attack 68 strength 51 ranged 45 prayer 65 magic 45 defence 68 constitution All basic quest done eg. mm, fremmy trials lost city etc Initiate: 51 Combat A/W: $8 B/S: $5 57 attack 54 strength 12 defence 45 magic 1 prayer 1 ranged 51 constitution Only Lost City completed. 1defence (G-Mauler) A/W: $10 B/S: $5 57 attack 67 strength 1 defence 3 ranged 1 prayer 14 magic 59 constitution One pre quest to mm completed. Ranger: 41 combat A/W: $8 B/S: $5 60 ranged 1 everything else 80 fishing 60 mining No quests. Skiller : A/W: $3 B/S: $2 70 smithing 70 fletching 70 fire making 45 attack 1 strength 15 defence Main account 1: A/W $30 B/S $15 84 Combat 1203 TOTAL LEVEL, nearly every skill is over 50. 70 attack 73 strength 61 defence 56 ranged 46 prayer 63 magic 69 constitution Completed desert treasure, mm, lc,Heroes,white knights,dragon slayer,Horror from the deep,temple of ikov etc etc ...133 QP Main account 2: 82 Combat A/W: $25 B/S: $15 1003 TOTAL LEVEL, almost every skill is above 30-40 67 attack 67 strength 63 defence 66 ranged 46 prayer 54 magic Dragon slayer,monkey madness, lost city,horror from the deep,63 quest points.
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