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    Famous Amazing Account! [RSGP]!!!!!new thread.[CHEAP ACCOUNTS SALE] (RSGP or PAYPAL)OK so here I'm selling some of mine old accounts. I'm selling for RSGP or paypal credit. Recoveries are not set on all of accounts ! If you interested in one or mabie more of them contact me using : [email protected] here are mine accounts with stats: "zdoxni suka" 65cmb 4m or 3$ "petterson 13" 97cmb 10m or 9$ "Dont follovv" 79cmb 5m or 5$ "isoo" 81 cmb zerker pure 12m or 11$ "grimr3p0" 108cmb 15m or 14$Selling Level Cb64 Just Over 16m Mining Xp!SELLING LEVEL 64 PKER/SKILLER BE A PERFECT UP AND COMING ZERKA MAKE MILLIONS STAKING!!!!! ALONE WITH NASTY love you UNTRIMMED MINING CAPE! WANT ETHER RSGP OR PP OR ITEMS IF I GET GOOD ENOUGH OFFER I WILL RE-ADD 60M OF WEALTH ON THE ACCOUNT I AM ORIGINAL OWNER POST OFFERS BELOW IF U WANT OMM U PAY FEE'S IF MOD OR ADMIN WANTS TO VERIFY PM ME AND BE HAPPY TO LET U VERIFY PM ME WITH OFFERS WILL ADD PEOPLE ON WITH GOOD OFFERS OR LEAVE COMMENT BELOW! Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with[CHEAP] Selling DDS/Range pure with 95 fishing!Thread Closed[Paypal]Selling Level 67 pure|60M|94Magic|DT &MM DoneWell i am hoping to quit Runescape so i am looking to sell my pure. It has been scammed from me 2 times before so i will be using a OMM or you will be going first. Instead of posting these all individually i will post a link to them all. I personally hate Linkbucks so don't worry about that love you. Email will be removed when I see a price i want to sell for. SB - $70 Current Bid - $83 over A/W - $110 NO SWAPS My is [email protected] Thank you for your time.Looking for HIGH DEFENCE Rangerwould like an account with only range, defence, and constitution level'd, or a "range tank". i wont be going first after being scammed by Rs_Deezy (apparently pictures of the chat didnt prove anything) unless you have 100+ vouches. i'll be vidding all transactions, taking regular screen shots, etc. after the near 50mil i lost on buying stolen/recovered accoun ts, i dont have much to spend.Buying all decent accounts that have access to GWD!Hello, I am buying all accounts with the intention of killing Aviansies. Requirements! Slayer 55+ Ranged 70+ Defence 70+ Magic 55+ Must have completed Temple of Ikov (need arma pendant) Must have Access to GWD Not looking to pay more than $30 USD for each account. Using Paypal. Send me a PM and/or post here my :[email protected][PP/RSGP]67 Combat. Well Quested. Well rounded pure. Must see[PP/RSGP]Hey, Selling yet another pure. Vouches are in my sig. I have 12, not many, but i have a couple from MM's and 1 off a Global Mod. :[email protected] I will not add your , you must add mine. I will not go first unless you are very trusted. You must pay OMM Fees, or i am willing to use a very trusted MM (i have 2 on my ). Well here are the pics and good look bidding Im fine with a recovery test being done if you want one done , you will pay the fee. EDIT: Highest bid: 20m by w0ot4life A/W: 50m/$50 (Not expecting this, just putting it there so there is an A/W value.)
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