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    [RSGP] Selling Maxed Initiate Pure [Trusted By Mods/OMM's]Selling my amazing account, fully quested with a decent bank and good pking stats. Looking for paypal only and an MM will be used unless you would like to go first. There are no recoveries and offences are in green zone. It is 25 defence for infinity and frog armor, shits on kids in PVP. Not taking swaps, scammers don't bother.. I always ask for a PM and you won't be able to manipulate me into going first. It also has 10 anti dragon shields smuggled from Daemonheim. They go for 3-5$ each in the item market here on sythe so take that into account when offering. EVERYTHING IS CLEANED OUT OF BANK BESIDES THE DRAGON SHIELDS Please add [email protected] A/W: 75m ThanksSuper Beast Starting Turmoil. Rune Gloves, 99 Agility, 75 prayer -- RSGP RSGPfuck sythe[Trusted][Paypal]Buying Pure![Trusted][Paypal]Well, I'm looking to buy a pure from a seller with proven trustworthiness, and a decent amount of dedication here on Sythe (Posts, rank, vouches). I have a few requirements for the pure, and some bonus features that will increase the price, look below. Requirements: Below 60 Attack. (Exception: 60 attack, with the attack quests done) Over 70 Strength. Exactly 1 Defence. Over 60 Ranged. If the attack level is 60, Lost City and Monkey Madness should be done. Atleast Mith Gloves. The majority of the basic pure quests done (Horror from the deep, DT, etc). Bonuses: Addy gloves Firecape Various pking items already aquired. Please post here, or add my ; [email protected] in any case, post before adding the . I hope you deem me a trustworthy buyer, based on my vouches.[RSGP]Level 67 Hybrid Pure|60Attack|79Strength|90Mage|83Ranged|31Pray|Ad dy Gloves|DtHey sythe, here to sell this wonderful pure. I am NOT the original owner, but have quite a bit of info to get it back. It comes with 30 days of membership.It doesn't really come with much cash, bunch of junk in bank. I will NOT go first, unless you are trusted. I will use a OMM of your expense, or you go first. I will meet you in game if you'd like for me to verify. A/W: 20m||Ironius Account Shop||Account Number 1: Pure Attack: 12 Strength: 12 Def: 1 Ranged: 70 Combat: 49 PRICE: 15M Account Number 2: Pure Attack: 75 Strength: 79 Def: 1 Ranged: 70 Combat: 71 Hunter: 99 PRICE: 20M Account Number 3: Pure Attack: 61 Strength: 76 Def: 1 Ranged: 70 Combat: 63 PRICE: 15M Account Number 4: Main Attack: 70 Strength: 75 Def: 70 Ranged: 63 Mage: 63 Combat: 89 Armor: Full Dragon PRICE: 40M CONTACT ME or PM ME [email protected][rsgp] --- Selling Fully Quested Zerker --- [rsgp]Ok people, i will give this account away for 8m. It has 0 black marks, i built it myself from scratch without botting or anything. It first was a pure and then i wanted something new. So i made it a zerker and now i don't like it. This account has 177 quest points (Desert Treasure, Monkey Madness, Recipe for Disaster are complete). This zerker has all the required quests done. The friends list is fully deleted and is blank for you to add your friends. The combat stats include: 76 constitution 60 attack 82 strength 45 defence 85 range 43 prayer 71 magic The only other outstand stat is 99 cooking. The reason i am selling this account for cheap RsGp, is to help start up my new Obby Maul pure. THIS ACCOUNT COMES WITH MEMBERS TOO! Picture below. OK 8m! And it comes with 22 Days of Members! Add me on : [email protected] (Note: The picture below says 23 days left and i state above 22 days, this is because no-one has bought this account and i am re-posting)Selling 1 def level 78 pure!closedAlmost maxed level 90 ini pure. 99 str, 99 magic, 87 rangeThis account has all the quests a initiate pure needs done. It has rune gloves, dt finished, initiate armor, accumulator. If you are interested in buying this account please add my so we can talk : [email protected] I will be using a middle man unless you go first. I WILL NOT GO FIRST. a/w:50mil
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