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    [rsgp] [pp] prosy gmauler!!Hey guys! here again to sell my prosy mauler! account is non mem. no email nor recovs set, i am orig owner of account. here are pics of stats if yoiu guys are interested, please pm or msm only. [email protected] account with DT done 25$I dont care about stats, account must be cleaned, i will go first to trusted players.. blah..blah... blah you've heard it all before, add my , [email protected] or pm me here[rsgp] ~~~selling Pure Ranger~~~ [rsgp]Hi, Im selling my Pure Ranger. I am the original owner of the account never traded. He has 43 prayer not 44 because i didnt want to do animal mag and get higher then 44 prayer so hes set. He does have membership on him as well and i used a target card. I have all info ready for him etc.. Im Currently just looking for RSGP as of right now so offer away. Im not asking for too much from this guy either STATS RECOVERIES THX FOR LOOKING BID AWAY S/B-10 mil[rsgp] [pp] prosy gmauler!!Hiya guys! here again to sell my prosy gmauler pure. this is a starter pure stats are i am taking offers! so feel free to pm or msm only! [email protected][Paypal] Lv 85 zerker pure w/ Fire cape, 89 range, and 85 strength!Has fire cape I am the original owner of this account. This account has 96 qp, If you buy I will provide previous passwords, date created, isp made on and any others you might want. The account does not have recoveries. Post on here before adding my please. Will will you OMM you pay first, or you go first. Comes with soul wars bot Paypal ONLY or a 1 def pure is [email protected] pure [70atk/93str/1def/94mage]--[Dt/Firecape/1monthmem/guthixbook] ( 1 2)Okay simple, Looking rsgp for this open to offers looking it sold asap. a/w 40m 60+ Vouches and ill go first or OMM/MM To do trade All old pass's etc comes with this account There is about 500k total in bank in pots etc 1 month membership [email protected] or [email protected] Also, clean sheet never got reported etc.Selling 3 Amazing Pures | Ready For Pking|sythe/showthread.php?p=8335835#post8335835[BEAST] level 62 morri jav staker! [RSGP] ( 1 2)Hey guys. After having a lot of fun with this account I'm deciding to sell it on to fund another account. This account is one of the best morri jav stakers for it's level and can beat up to level 70's. I will link you to a topic I made when I was staking on it to show you what it can do. The account doesn't have much wealth on it (4m) and they're all PK supplys. It has a classic staker disp;ay name making it hard to look up (iiliililllilil) - That sort of thing. However it can change it's name if you want to have something a little more original. All information will be provided with the account to the best of my ability and I'm willing to use a MM or OMM at your expense. A/W - 30m I'm still taking offers but this account can win back what you pay for it in less than a day! A link to it's staking gallery: sythe/showthread.php?t=1013771 I have other photos but didn't upload them.
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