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    [RSGP] Respected Account.Watch pk vidfuckin hackers[PP][RSGP]Selling 2 lvl 67 Pures [ 85 Mage/ MM Done/ DT Done/ Addy Gloves] [PP][RSGP] ( 1 2)I'm looking to sell these 2 pures Account 1 : -Has MM, Animal Mag., HFTD and DT Done -Addy Gloves - FOG Spell usable outside arena Account 2: -Has MM Done - Has membership until the 1st of April ( 26 days from 6/3/11) - HAS CVLS with 10mins left I'm looking for either RSGP or Bank Funded Paypal. Please post offers of either account below. Cheers.Buying character with 91 HunterBuying a character with 91 hunter,would like 70 agility,thieving,70 str. If not it doesn't really matter,post here with your price.selling ownage tanker ranger cheap!!!selling my lvl 95+7 tanker range very cheap! has no email but has recovs which can be deleting in minutes if i find a buyer! selling him for s/b 25 a/w 30-35m By null at 2011-03-10[RSGP] Selling LVL 81+7 Korasi - 83 Dung 99 Ancient Mage - Rune Gloves** Closed ** Never Sold - Continued to Train ... Will re-post as Higher Combat Lvl In another section later ...[RSGP]Selling a beast lvl 72 staker 92 hp 90 str 1 pray 1 def[RSGP]The time has finally come, after making 1.1b off this account im deciding to sell it because I do not want to continue staking and im planning to play on my main I've already cleaned the account so it has nothing , email will be deleted once I find Legit buyer. Rules: I will not go first unless you have 20 + vouches in 500$ of trading or more ( no training vouches etc.) A/W 125m I will do 50/50 if you have 5 vouches or more + I will use OMM, you pay fee's Scammer please do not post here as you are wasting your time because your not going to get me Stats: login: A few high stakes with this account:[RSGP] Selling a incredible Maxed Zerker! 99's Galore, Void, Rapier, and more! [RSGP]sold-~- [RSGP] Termss Account Sales *MUST LOOK* [UPDATE!] [RSGP] -~-I am selling 4 accounts for strictly just RSGP, i am no longer doing paypal becuz i cancelled my paypal account. I have no intention going first so if you think your going to convince me to go first then dont bother contacting me, its either you go first, 50/50, or we get a omm. Below are the accounts that i am selling, i will be accepting offers. Here are the accs: First account is my level 79 rune pure with 99 str, A/W is 40m. Here are pics. (SOLD) Second account is my level 135, amazing stats (3 letter name) A/W is 100m. Here are pics. Third account is my amazing level 75 pure. A/W is 80m. Here are pics. Last account is my lv94 range tanker. A/W is 30m. Here are pics. If you are interested in any account please contact me on , thanks. : [email protected]
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