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    Swapping this staker TankI am swapping this account for another. I have made about 20m on this account so far. I've added some stake pics to show. Combat level is 59. No recoveries or email registered. No money on the account though. Will not go first.(sellin for RSGP) or Swapping for 1 def pure.Hey im swapping my zerker pure level 79 for a fairly good 1 defense pure. The account has around 1.5m on it. If you would like to swap or buy this account talk to me about it on sythe or add me on [email protected]. The acc currently has recovs that i will give to you once the transaction is complete. stats- att-60 str-81 def-41 mage-82 range-71 pray-43 hp-71 Dt done, mith gloves done[BEAST] 1 Def Pure! [DT][LVL 75][Gloves]Hey hey, selling another pretty beast pure. Uploading pics as we speak. All quests to go with the stats are done [MM] [DT] etc. Pretty much beats anything its level. BANK COMES WITH THE ACCOUNT. (keep that in mind when bidding, its around 15m worth) Completely hand made, with the details to go with. Looking for serious offers only! Will put an A/W after bids start rolling in. RSGP ONLY. OMM, or you go first unless over 25+ vouches. (My vouches are in my sig) Gl! BANK STATS QUESTS Currently taking off email / recoves as a we speak... will upload picture soon! Wont be a problem as i have no intention of using this acc, and you will be recieving the original details with the purchase. GL again! xoxoxo.[PP] Buying 99 str 1 def Pure [PP]Hey, im looking to buy a character with 99 str as a requirment. Attack must be 50/60. 1 Def. Quests are a big bonus also. Paying up to 80$ PP for a nice Pure. Add me for offers at [email protected] rune pure cb 77str 81 att 60 def 40 pray 31 hp 72 no bank pin, no recoveries, no email set mostly for pking, not many other skills - ill consider any offers[RSGP]Selling perfect Ini pure|Firecape|90str|94mage|88range|Rgloves|[RSGP][TRUSTED]Rules&Info - I will not go first. - I will use a middle man. - I want Rsgp OR a bank transfer. - Acc has firecape + rune gloves. -Please post offer as well as . - Accepting only rsgp. - A/W: 40m - Starting bid:25mAmazing Level 85 With 99 Mage [great Staker!] ( 1 2)TRUSTED USER No a/w No s/b No swaps. Paypal/rsgp only. INCLUDES FULL SKELETON + JACK LANTERN MASK AND CARROT (HOLIDAY ITEMS)[PP/RSGP] CHEAP!! Level 61, 73 Range, 40 Def -5m!closed
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