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    Buying a decent pure for a lvl 129 main ::READ::I'm looking for a decent pure to swap for this main : sythe/showthread.php?t=1050801 Post pics of ur pure here. Pure must be 1 def , NO initiate pures. The pure you'll be about to offer must have done DT and MM. I will go first if you have more than 75 vouches or we use OMM and we split fee's94 WC l 87 Mining l 74 Str - For Account upgradeFor one month members, need it for my pure. [email protected] 71hunt 71range 81fish 15pray 54def accountinstant win-10m bidding-5m talk to me on if you want email:[email protected] name:ryan.preston61 beast 20 def pure - Rapier - 99 magicclosed.. dont feel like getting scammedSelling level 99 str pure 95 STR 73 Att, 70 DefHey guys I am selling a good str pure. I am only selling this for paypal money. Starting bid $15. A/W none right now. Also when making payments this must be said with the money or the payment will not be accepted. "I am sending this money to a seller. He is giving me virtual goods in return for money and if I file a dispute against the seller, the seller will automatically win." I am not looking for any scammers and I will not go first. I am quitting runescape. This account has also never been botted. It has some member stuff as well and member quests done. Email [email protected] and my paypal: [email protected] Level 76 with 1 defence 99 range 95 magic and more *PAYPAL ONLY*Im done playing this game so im selling my level 76 with 99 range 95 magic 85 str 85 hp This account is currently ranged based needs 4more str levels to be melee based (Read Entire Post) THIS IS NOT AN AUCTION IM SELLING THIS ACCOUNT FOR $80.00 Do not post if you dont want to buy or you will be reported as spam Contact- [email protected] *has full zammy book, dt done, mm done,regicide done, rolving eyes done, addy gloves and accumulator* *No recoveries* *No email set* *in the last picture those are the items that come with the account*lvl 137 for a decent pure[[Hi SYTHE, AM IN GREAT NEED OF A PURE]] I am lookin for a pure, i am willing to swap my lvl 137, for a good pure. I dont play it anymore, and I really want a pure. It doesnt have to be maxed, but id prefer 90+ str. range, and mage. ADD my email, [email protected] if interested.initiate Pure LVl 65 89 fishing 84 wc!!! DT done!!![Rsgp]This account hasn't been botted on for a while there will not be that much wealth on because im selling for Rsgp for which i need. There is still one month of membership on it i got members from some one off sythe. THere are no Recovs and email will be removed when i get a buyer.There is no bank pin either MM or OMM will be used at your expense Starting Bid 5M Now 92 fishing going for 99!!!!!! pics on soon offer as if he has 99 fishing will be there in 5 days!!!!!!!!!! stats this link add [email protected] post offer highest wins A/W=30M
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