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    Selling Rune Pure/Hybrid (61 Atk, 75 Str, 40 Def, 75 Range, 44 Pray, 72 Mage) [RSGP]As the title says, I am selling my p2p hybrid type pker. I haven't logged on to it in a long while so a lot of the fundamentals of pking have changed, but he is obviously a strong building block to become one of the best pkers out there. He has: 61 Attack 75 Strength 40 Defense 75 Ranged 44 Prayer 72 Mage 72 HP 33 RC 52 Construction 40 Agility 27 Herblore 53 Thieving 49 Crafting 47 Fletching 44 Slayer 63 Hunter 50 Mining 40 Smithing 53 Fishing 54 Cooking 60 Firemaking 45 Woodcutting 18 Farming 1 Dungeoneering 1 Summoning So, as you can see, he is well rounded, and is packed with potential. He has completed the following major quests: 1. Monkey Madness 2. Desert Treasure 3. RFD up to adamant gloves 4. Horror from the Deep 5. Mage Arena I would like to see offers around 5M RSGP, this is my first sale of an account so I guess we can see and go from there. Respond here, or PM me ingame on my account Dumb Penguin if you need to contact me. My email address is [email protected] Thanks[RSGP]~Lvl 81 & Good Stats~[RSGP]Hello all, selling my level 81 account for RSGP. I may accept swap + RSGP. Pics: One problem; this account has recov, recovs which I do not know as of now... Been a long time since I played, so we can do this... We get an MM, you specify recovs he changes, and we wait... Unless you want to straight up buy, I am honest, either way I want to sell it -_-Selling maxed 60 attack turm zerk. Flawless: A/w : 210Myep selling my maxed turmoil zerker for real life money only. we will use an omm or you'll go first - only options. a/w is 210m i will delete recovs/email when i receive a serious offer. dont try to scam me because there is no way i can be scammed pm me with an offer or post your here. ill add you and always ask for a pm my : [email protected] thx65 Combat 1 Def 31 pray 90 range [RSGP/SWAP]No recoverys/email NEVER had them set 1 previous password + creation details will come with this account. Looking for a decent all round main possibly with barrows gloves + membership if we swap i want full info of the account when traded a MM will be used or a OMM At your costs as i dont have paypal. RSGP 35M A/W Same again MM will be used or a OMM at your cost. [email protected] Lvl 65 Pure [25M]The pure mainly focuses on dragon clawing. Skills: - 70 Range - 61 Attack - 78 Strength - 1 Defence - 68 hitpoints Quests: - Monkey Madness - DT - Lost City - Horror form Deep Items: - Zamorak Book - Regen Braces - Berserker Ring Price for Account: 25M I WILL NOT GO FIRST. * Willing to talk through for this sell. WILL SHOW PICTURES AND INGAME PROOF [email protected] Rs Pking Account Lvl 83CB[RSGP]Well i have been having this pking account but i basically gave up on it, it still has membership for 37 days left, im not going to put up a price because im trying to get as much [RSGP] as someone is willing to offer for the account, i wouldnt say its the best acc to start pking with, but it IS a great account to start a pker with. The account doesnt have much, it was only left with a torso, zerker helmet, neitznot helmet, sum food. It's just the account basically. Willing to sell to any legit person buying accounts. The Account Name is Fear-Point1[login name] The Ingame name is [I-try-2-zerk] Attack-61 Strength-83 Defence-46 Constitution-77 Range-67 Magic-85 Prayer-52 Fletching-79 Craftin-56 Hunter-56 Has Alot of pker quests done: Desert Treasure Monkey Madness Lost City Fremmy Trials/Isles Horror From The Deep Some Recipe For Disaster And alot more. Please post your offers or P.M me to speak more about the account. My is [email protected] /buying Range Tank ( 70+ Def 90+ Range Less Than 52 Pray) Rsgp/swapsPost Ur Accounts And Price Here And Ill Contact U.84+4 Pure >>99 Hunteremail. I am the original owner, but I have no use for the account. It's all yours. It has the Handcannon quest completed, Desert Treature and Monkey Madness. I would prefer Rsgp over money on Paypal, because I am trying to make a staker. But I don't mind either way. We can negotiate a price via . I'm not too familiar with how much things cost, so yeah... I will NOT be using a I will NOT be going first Once we have completed our transaction, post a vouch on my thread sythe/showthread.php?p=8306535#post8306535 Quote: Originally Posted by inpherus vouch for imposterz, quick easy buyer Quote: Originally Posted by XI_Infamous_IX VOUCH for Imposterz, upgraded my account within 5 minutes, I went first. great, easy guy to talk to! Quote: Originally Posted by p0ke n ddos Vouch For Imposterz Great Guy I Bought 5 Pins Off Him For 25m p>
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