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    LeveL 75 Barrager/Ranger! Sexy Pker! PP/RSGPHello, Im Selling This Great Level 75 Barrage/Ranger! Its Also In A Clan Called "FP" Just Go Into "Fp Chat" Its Ranked. A/W = 35M-50M RSGp PAYPAL = 35-45$ ACCOUNTS = PURES ONLY. (WITH ATLEAST 15M+) : [email protected] WARNING! I WILL NOT ADD YOU! IF YOU WANT TO CONTACT ME YOU MUST ADD!!!{SWAPS} Barrage/Range Tanker LVL 66! ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Hello, Me Vs Jad Here NEW A/W = 50M RSGP! Has 88 Range + 52 Pray Now! I WILL NOT ADD YOUR ; YOU MUST ADD MINE! = [email protected] A/W = 30$ A/W = DClawer Pure/DDs Pure/DBow Pure (With 5m+!) WEALTH: STATS: PROOF:[paypal][swaps][rsgp] Lvl 71 Staker! 110m+! ( 1 2)Hello, Selling My Elite Staker With 112M!!! Just Tired Of Staking And Want To Get Back Into Pking Just Got Accepted Into Pure Clan So Im Focusing On That Now On RS. PAYPAL = 100$ RSGP = 150M (Or 25M; I Transfer Off Cash) SWAPS = PURES ONLY (50M+) (I Will Transfer Cash Off If Your Account Isnt Good Enough) : MY IS [email protected] WARNING! I WILL NOT ADD YOU! YOU MUST ADD ME OR NO TRADE! (Posted That Pic On Rsbots; But Now Im Selling)~~40 Def Range Tank! With Cannon! 89 Range!~~~Hey guys, I am selling this shitty account I have. Reasons toward why I am selling this ACC is because I have recently made myself a pure, low level 63ish CB sexy stats and have a maxed out zerker who will have 95 prayer soon. So there is no point for me to have this account, it is trash to me so here I am selling it to you guys! I am willing to go first to very trusted members, or we can use a trusted MM or OMM. You pay fees. PICTURES A/W is 35$ or 40m! Happy Bidding!Account Sale [rsgp]Hey, i'm here having an account sale. RSGP only please. My is [email protected] thanks. Offer on the accounts. Account 1: Iniate Pure, 91 strength, 89 fishing, 85 mage. Account 2: Barrows pure, 97 strength (200k from 98) 88 attack, 87 mage now. Account 3: Tank pure, 93 wc, 83 range, 60 defence.[PayPal] Buying Nice Skiller - Must Include 99 Mining/Smithing ~ Click For Details []Looking for a non-botted or hasnt been botted on in 6+ months skiller. Will be paying Via PP, i am verified. Recovery tests/original info doesnt mean much to me, as it is almost all about the IP address. Due to this reason i will only be looking to trade with those users i feel i trust with the USD. I will of course be going first or if you find some need you can do an OMM but since id rather just go first i wouldnt be looking to pay sadly. I dont determine trust by post count, if i did i would be quite the hypocrite so post what you have and ill take a look. Am also interested in a Pure 99 Ranger/Mage. If they have both it would be my lucky day . Bank doesnt matter much to me, but it is always a plus. Please note i have been selling/buying NP items for years, and have just recently decided to get back into RS, this means i have not seen every scam attempt but a lot of them. So keep this in mind. Thanks for Reading. PM/Post is fine. PM me if adding on . Or i will not accept.Buying pure! RSGP/SwapsBuying a pure. Method of payment consists of RSGP, Swaps or a combination of the two. Add my /post here/pm me with your offers. Before posting please take note of the fact that I will not buy your account unless it meets the following requirements: - DT done - 1 defence strictly - at least 70 magic - range/strength is a bonus - low prayer is ideal - a pure between 60-70 combat is ideal~~RSGP~~~Selling BEAST Range PURE~~~RSGP~~Hi, Im selling my Pure Ranger. S/B-5mil I am the original owner of the account never traded. He has 43 prayer not 44 because i didnt want to do animal mag and get higher then 44 prayer so hes set. He does have membership on him as well and i used a target card. I have all info ready for him etc.. Im not asking for too much from this guy either STATS RECOVERIES THX FOR LOOKING BID AWAY
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