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    selling pure | cb 80-ish | few 99syo, this is a post for a fellow syther that cannot make any threads (idk why) and he asked me on to make this thread for him so i agreed. if this is against the rules pls a mod delete the thread, im just tryna help here. heres link to his private profile: sythe/member.php?u=288043 heres the sale: Selling a very nice pure for rsgp only, need 99 herblore on mah main. it has 6 def = tinypic/r/o86o9c/7 to avoid scammers i like to 50/50 trade= trade half the rsgp now, then ill give the usernames and password, then u give the other half of the rsgp... i want to sell today so please start offering now a/w 250m. thank you =] :[email protected][RSGP]perfect tank 98 cb quested [RSGP]Moved to other accounts 60-99 cbBuying Obby Pure can Pay Paypal or rsgp!hey guys i want to start runescape with a pure that i realy want if anyone has it please add me [email protected]/ Turmoil pure [PP, RSGP, Memberships]]rule's 1. Don't be a douche 2. Only trade in USA 3. Must have vouches + post to trade me I am the only owner of this account and created it over a year ago.created it as proselyte pure. It has done all the quest to were proselyte and had around 200k in the bank and cash. it has 52 pray and great combat stats and i had 300k but spent 100k of it pking and dominating thew wilderness then getting pj'd and losing my full rune i had won. This a a great account i worked very hard on and would like to see it go for a runescape membership worth 90 days or 2 thirty day memberships or 4m to start or $15 pp'd. Pm me since i dont have any more.[rsgp]lvl 93 79 91 50 94 Mage[rsgp]UP FOR SWAPS OR RSGP. intrested add me on dont really no what im looking for it here afew pics: BANK: STATS: some nice stats 99 firemaking 79 hunter 79 thieve IS IN MY SIG.[RSGP] Selling Ownage Ranger 86 range everything 1 [RSGP]Hi, Im selling my Pure Ranger. I am the original owner of the account never traded. He has 43 prayer not 44 because i didnt want to do animal mag and get higher then 44 prayer so hes set. He does have membership on him as well and i used a target card. I have all info ready for him etc.. STATS RECOVERIES THX FOR LOOKING BID AWAY S/B-10 milDecs's Account Shop!wrong section sorry!Lvl 77 Account 93 Fishing 5mil till 99Selling for 10mil cash or 10$ paypal account name is 0 J E VV 0 it has good stats look it up on adventures log for exact stats post here if u wanna buy or message me on rs aKa Muskrat thank you
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