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    [SWAP]3 Great accounts, Looking for offers![SWAP]Alrights, whats poppin sythe? Today, ihave three great accounts for you. The recoveries are still on them as well as emails, i'll remove them before swapping with you obviously, i'm not here to scam anyone, just find an account that i wanna play on First off, no scammers, i will not be scammed. When we swap, i will try and find a free MM we can use since i don't have a paypal which i can for an MM with. Here are the three accounts i have to swap for today. I am looking for either a GOOD pure or a ZERKER. Either that or an account with ALOT of GP, more than i have. I am willing to swap all three of my accounts for a single account if it's good enough, since i know you'll like my accounts. Anyways, everything can be discussed, i'm very flexible. I'm in no hurry to swap my accounts and i'm going to wait until an offer that i like comes along Also, as we speak i'm making even more money on all of them so you'll be interested. So keep in mind that they get richer the longer that i wait to swap. so post some things im interested in. i could always train/make more money if i'm really interested in an account, so just post offers here we go.. First off, my old main, you might be interested in, yeah i know it has no bank but i might work on that if you're interested. SECOND OFF, my highest levelled account. notice the things marked with red boxes, very nice stats for a main and you have alot of room to play with , i'm currently making money on this so when we swap you might have some extra cash on it here is my final account, it's basically a GP whore/skiller. it got reset about 2 months ago so i believe it's safe, and since then i've also gotten 40 smithing as well as 50 fishing, AND i'll be making EVEN MORE money on it , so lucky for you guys. alright, those are the accounts i have to offer for a swap. remember, i might take anything as long as it's LOW defence. anything 1-45 defence , with decent stats/bank, post it. you could end up with all 3 accounts for your account if it's good enough, you never know I'm a cool guy and easy to get along with, so i'll negotiate. Also, post your offer and if i like it i'll PM you my , it's my personal with all my real-life friends on it, so i dont feel like making it too public. thank you and have a great day. offer awway! --FurysPks[PAYPAL] / RSGP - account sale(s)First off, I take paypal and nothing else. Middle man, if you pay for it and he can prove on the spot he is an official. ~ I'm not going first ~ (Unless you're trusted) Yes I know how this website works I used to come on here a lot, yes I'm a lurker and it's a new account. If you have any problems with that, close the thread now and save yourself the effort. I Apologize before hand that this thread might just be ******* love you as I'm extremely high and don't know how well this thread is going to come along. ~ PM ME OR POST IN THREAD ANY OFFERS ~ ~ Any reasonable offers wont be turned down! ~ NO A/W currently [email protected] is my / EMAIL contact. First account: Combat: 72 Attack: 40 Strength: 54 Defence: 20 Range: 87 Prayer: 44 Magic: 71 --------------------------------------------------- Second account: Combat: 64 Attack: 50 Strength: 71 Range: 81 Prayer: 44 Magic: 70 ~ ALSO COMES WITH A ROBIN HOOT HAT ~ --------------------------------------------------- Fourth account: Combat: 59 Attack: 40 Strength: 55 Range: 80 Prayer: 13 Magic: 67 --------------------------------------------------- First account: Combat: 86 Attack: 70 Strength: 84 Defence: 45 Prayer: 52 ~ ALSO HAS 67 MINING ~ [email protected] is my / EMAIL contact. EDIT: Mainly looking for 1 pin and 10M in a scammer, please ban meIm a scammer, scammed 100000s of dollars, please ban my account. love you you all.{RSGP} -Auzzie- Account SALE! ~ Cheap & good accounts! ~ lvl 99 stat! ~ {RSGP}hey guys, Welcome to my RS account sales thread. I'd like to start by saying that yes, this account is new to sythe, however i am not a new member of the sythe community. I used sythe before runescape free trade was taken away i think my sythe account had around 300 something posts and i know i had atleast 13 vouches. Unfortunately i cannot remember my exact username and sythe admin cant recover it because of ip change. So, although it sucks that i have to start from scratch, i have decided to return to sythe. So with free trade now back, im here selling some old runescape accounts for some rsgp for my new pure which im training atm. All accounts for sale have no recovery detail at all, so im not very happy about going first, but if your trusted i may consider it, otherwise feel free to get a omm or mm, i dont really mind, actually i would probably prefer to use a trusted mm or omm, but i dont have any money to pay for omm fee's so im sorry if your not happy with a normal mm you'll have to cover fee's of omm, sorry. anyway, that about covers it for the thread intro, post your offers and ill let you know if im happy to trade. Thanks __________________________________________________ SOLD TO GOLD4RS FOR $40 Skills: It has a combat level of 67... It has 40 atk, 73 str, 20 def, 70 range, 12 pray, 89 mage, 82 fishing and 99 woodcutting. It can easily be turned into a zerker pure as the 4k defence exp wont effect the 45 defence and the quests can be done. Ive checked thoroughly. items: Has pretty much nothing of value maybe 100k-200k, has most of the random event items and some old holiday stuff. Recovery info: It has no bank pin, no recovery questions, 0 days mem credit and no email address registered. I know the previous passwords and creation details so they will also be handed over with trade Login pics. Stats/cash pics. Ban history pics. Nothing atm A/W - 19m. __________________________________________________ Skills: It has a combat level of 69... It has 60 atk, 55 str, 48 def, 60 range, 43 pray, 71 mage. Money: It has FULL zamorak book, pages of which are worth in total around 7.4m Recovery info: It has no bank pin, no recovery questions, 0 days mem credit and no email. I know the creation date and previous passwords so all will be handed over with trade. - Also has a semi rare name, 4 letters with multiple spaces between each letter. Login pics. Stats/cash pics. Ban history pics. Nothing atm A/W - 2.5m. __________________________________________________ Please post on the thread before adding my . My is - [email protected] I can also verify accounts in runescape.(DT done, MM done [DOPE ZERKER] LVL82) {1.6m}GREAT START TO A MAXED ZERKER 70 attack 80 strength 44 defence ( XP for RFD up to Rune Gloves ) 70 ranged 82 magic 34 prayer 74 hitpoints 82 COMBAT COMES WITH 1.6M BALLER NAME STATS- QUESTS 1- QUESTS 2- WEALTH- LOGIN- BLACKMARKS- EMAIL WILL BE DELETED UPON PURCHASE $PAYMENT OPTIONS$: PAYPAL RSGP ANOTHER ACCOUNT (maybe/ doubtful) WILL BE USING A OMM I'm super new to Sythe, so I'll definitely go first to highly trusted members. I will check you out to see if you're legit so don't try and scam.. SMH. POST here, PM me, hit my up [email protected]|SWAPPING STORE| Level 131 and Level 55| GrEaT AcCoUnTs | TAKE A LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!level 131: Account is totally cleared except for quested items! Level 55: ! PM!Amazing 63cb pker take a look! 28m wealthHello sythe I am selling my f2p pure pker to help fund 99 herb on my main!!! He is an amazing pker and has some great stats, and around 31m wealth!!! The stats make it very easy to make money, either if you are wcing, fishing, mining, or pking! This account is also old, it has holiday items from 2005!!! Pictures: Starting bid: 40m Auto win: 65m Happy bidding, Post and/or Pm, BEFORE ing me. [email protected] Level 80CB 99 Mining! [RSGP]Hi! im selling my level 80cb/99 mining account for the best offer i accept ONLY rspg offers! thanks =D p.s. you MUST go first. Leave a reply to this post please! *edit* oh btw he has done all ftp quests!*
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