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    [RSGP/PINS] Selling 74lwl rng 87, mag 86, str 83.Selling this account for RSGP or RS PINS. All quests for d scimy, Desert treasure done. 70/315 Quest points. : [email protected] : [email protected] : [email protected] P.S. Sorry, i'm not active on sythe forums. Other account selling thread: powerbot/vb/showthrea...922&highlight= Pics: Pics links if someone can't see em: maxed level 90 ini pure. 99 str 99 magic 87 rangeThis account has all the quests a initiate pure needs done. It has rune gloves, dt finished, initiate armor, accumulator. If you are interested in buying this account please add my so we can talk : [email protected] I will be using a middle man unless you go first. I WILL NOT GO FIRST. a/w:80milSelling Combat Level 86(RSGP)hey im sellling my level 86 combat has: aso the account has 3.2m which will come with account 71 hp 71 att 71 str 70 def 90 fishing 72 hunter 59 cooking just looking for 8-10m is [email protected] lvl 71, str 83, mith gloves, 3 books.selling this lvl 71, has 3 god books, mith gloves, d scim. for all questions : [email protected] starting bid: 20 usd autowin: idk how well def 3 sells but i hope to get 40 usd ps: i wont go first, trade will be done with omm/trusted mm(RSGP) Cheap Lvl 94+5 Pker! (RSGP)Title says all, I'm selling really cheap, a/w is 15m rsgp however i will consider lower. I wana sell this thing now so i can start my other pure. RECOVS WILL BE REMOVED UPON PURCHASE, THIS IS A VERY VALUABLE ACCOUNT. Here's the pics. *Recovs deleted upon purchase, all answers will be given as well* A/W: 15m Rsgp Will consider lower as well. : [email protected][Paypal] BRILLIANT Range Tank + Staker90 Combat. 82 HP, 60 Attack, 60 Strength, 70 Defence, 93 Range (ignore the picture) , 79 Mage, 46 Prayer Comes with recoveries, however, you'll get them Comes with all relevant information (previous passwords, creation information) It's a named account (no email login) Has a different (better IMO) display name than the log in name Come's with 11m with the gear you need! + Santa Costume and many old Seasonal event items! Has done DT - This account is absolutely brilliant at pking and staking. S/B $30 A/W $45 I won't go first. However, I'm perfectly fine with using an MM, but you pay the fees if they're any. If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to post or PM me.Selling MAXED Gs Pure Comes with Claws N All QUEST N Max MageHello Sythe Im Buddy And im Selling My Rs Acct. I Got Pissed at pking n the lag n i hve way more fun on MW2 COD(Xbox) and i want the new Black ops So im selling my rs acct so i could play Black ops. Listen up. The Account Comes With D Claws, all Quest, 32Days of Memb, I Canceled Recovs+Others, I Am the Oringinal Owner and it comes with all the Recov info on a NotePad(yes my email zip password n all that stuff) heres Sum Pics I Am Selling PayPal Only, Gifts Sayin you Already have Recieve Service For Gaming/ MM Your fee unless you wana Go First. And No SCAMMERS GTFO with that 50/50 Sht or Tv remote access Sht. You can Contact me on (which i prefer) at darren.pollard6 Or at [email protected] leave me a msg :p thank you.Selling ownage d scim pure!!!MM done, havent started RFD but still ownage! No cash in it bank is like ~500k MM will be used!! 0 blk marks, cb 78 A/W:40m
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