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    [RSGP] Lvl 13 Perfect Starting pure 99 FM / 62 Dung / ~1k Total [Mem]SOLD TO trappinjones FOR 30M, THANKS.Selling Awesome Strength PureIt has everything you have to begin. You have all of the starting money making skills leveled and the combat stats where you need Make a bid not selling this for a lot just want to get rid of it! This pure has 150k Bank and great money making starter skillsSelling Failed Pure - You can make him something better!EDIT: Owner recovered the account back, going to have a word with him to settle things out.Selling a VERY RARE ACCOUNT NAME! HILARIOUSI have an account, range/mage pure. The name of my account is: MAGER BOWNER Or: Major Boner.(If you dont get it) Yeah, well im selling it, ill meet in game.Amazing F2P PURE! 45-70-1!Selling for RSGP only. Please do NOT offer any swaps. Highest offer will win or the one that catches my eye. Here are the pictures, I will go first for a very trusted person. Thx: ThxAmazing F2P PURE! 45-70-1!Double post lolz.Obby Mauler for sale with Slayer Staff!!!!!! ( 1 2)SOLD FOR $50 Most of the account's i actually have the email i registered it to, so you will recieve the email account with the account purchase. Starting bid - $10 Current Bid - $20 - Curry I accept these from all people Xbox Live 1 month, 3 month, and 1600 point code's, Money Pak, Greendot, and ultimate game card. I accept these from trusted people of my choice Xbox Live 1 month, 3 month, and 1600 point code's, Money Pak, and Greendot, ultimate game card ,and paypal. I am 100% willing to use OMM and do recovery test as long as you pay for everything. Good thing about this account. Has and can use slayer staff, the best 1 attack weapon you can get for an obby mauler. my only [email protected] lvl 54, 78 wc and 400k for only 15$information: username: lordblack N5 strength: 55 attack: 40 defence: 40 prayer: 16 woodcutting: 78 fishing: 28 cooking: 25 firemaking: 62 additional information: (bank info) -> 145 yew logs , 400k , full adamant , 314 cooked lobsters and a bunch of noob stuff please contact me on windows live messenger if you're intrested : [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.