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    Selling Dung Account [71 Str. 80 Dung w/ 200K Tokens]I currently have this awesome account for sale. There's no auto win so bid away. Login: Account:[trading]my main/pure accounts for a lvl 3 skiller!This is what the level 3 skiller needs to have: no attack no range no defence no mage no strength! If your account has a 99 in a non-combat stat I would trade all my accounts in my account shop for It. if the account has a 90+ you can pick 3 accounts of your choice. if the account has two 85+ you can pick 2 accounts of your choice. this is the link to the thread :///showthread.php?t=1219513 Thank you for your time!Buying G maul rusher paying up to 60m -- SoulwarsBuying a g maul rusher with : 50att 80+ str Low hp --> Soulwarss Links here : willing to pay up to 60m[Selling] Wonderful starting Pure - 70 Range - 70 Mage - 1 Def - 1 Pray [RSGP] ( 1 2)Hi I am selling this wonderful starting pure I made. It has never been a member and it has only had one password. The email I used is available to be register from the website I used (@) I want RSGP only. Please add my or post here or send me a PM. Login: Stats: Combat: If you have any questions feel free to ask awayBuying F2P account with bunny earsI am looking for an account that has bunny ears and has never been members. The account can have any stats, but a rare name would smooth the deal over with a more generous offer from me. prices can go from 5-30m so please leave a comment and pm me Thanks, if highly trusted I will go first otherwise an omm or mm will be used for the transaction.Trading my 99range 75cb for a obby mauler!Trading my account for a 1def obby mauler. Only Using a MM My Rs Name is very unique. : [email protected] Has desert treasure done,Fire cape,monkey madness, addy gloves, zammy book with all pages. [edit] now selling for rsgp only. will use a MM since am a new comer =PBuying starter skillerJust want like 50 rc on the account. All other stats (Non cb) are acceptable though. Post a picture, and I'll tink about it. Paying in RSGP.starter mauler cheapselling this starter mauler. recovs are jiberish. just to get fancy boots. will remove email once found buy. price is set at 6m.(mems till oct.3) here are pics of log-in pics of cmb level. and pics of notable stats. please let me know how intersted u are on this account, like i said befor the recovs are jiberish so i can get fancy boots and i CAN remove the email once i find a buyer. price is set at 6m. thanks much airforceducky. is in siggy below.
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