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    selling 6 runescape accountsOkay so I just collected all my accounts from when I played runescape. I have 6 and Im selling them to get my girlfriend UGG boots =[ fml lmao... accounts 1-95 , has 99 str and another 99 2-cb 90, DT done 3-cb 73 monkey madness done 4-103, 93 str 5-83 6-103 many quest done has barrows gloves. none of them really have gold or items on them. all info is giving to reocvery all the accounts. my is [email protected] pure¬95Cb¬Def quested¬MM¬DT¬RFD¬93 MageNo A/W, just leave me offers. Comment on here and post your . I will not go first unless i deem you trusted. It can go turm without leveling defence. Offer away stats: Quests: Login:free lvl 70free lvl 70 acc with 99 mage 30 def 60 atk 40 hp.. more of a novelty account so ya username: [email protected] password: purepwnageFuture Zerker Pure - 300M Net Worth, 99 Magic ( 1 2)Hello Guys, Today I am selling my RS Account so that I can buy myself a High End Paintball Gun. So account information is below. He has 300M worth of Useful Items. and 75m Cash. 128 Total Quest Points. Has DT Done, Monkey Madness and many more. All the Def and Prayer is Quested. I will remove email once sold. Below are pictures. Bank Armor - tinypic/r/2r6p8g1/5
 Bank Cash - tinypic/r/15my7x4/5
 Bank Magic Tab - tinypic/r/efjna0/5
 Bank Pots - tinypic/r/33msgtx/5
 Bank Range - tinypic/r/2wd6dtk/5
 Bank - Supplies - tinypic/r/5ydsew/5 Inventory Army GS - tinypic/r/zlfde1/5
 Login Screen - tinypic/r/2z8w4cl/5
 Stats - tinypic/r/t0mhqp/5 The Gold alone on the account is worth about $150 Please Post Before Contacting me. I have done business before here and other sites so don't attempt to BS me. Thanks. My - [email protected] - Level 65 Premade PureOkay, I hate pures. I'm going back to my maxed account. Selling this account for 20m, or 10$ PayPal. Anyways, heres the stats etc. Stats: Notice woodcutting, very good money maker. Quests Completed: Ernest the chicken The restless ghost Unstable foundations Death plateau Horror from the deep Lost city Priest in peril Waterfall quest Any minigames done? Mage Arena, ability to use all spells outside of the mage arena God book Appeal offences: Anyways, hit me up with a PM if you want to buy this account.Selling Chaotic Ranger Pure! [81 Dung] [70 cmb] [RSGP]Has mith gloves, D.t is done, 81 dung has ccb. 91 range and other stats. Looking for just 10m! (RSGP) First come firsts serve basis PM ME![100+Vouches][RSGP]Maxed Pure For Sale! Two Chaotics Lots of 99s![100+ Vouches] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Hey guys, BSGP Seller here. After numerous attempts of selling this pure and nearly getting scammed a crapload of times. I decided I was going to bot the love you out of this pure and get it some 99s to sell on sythe. I've come to the conclusion that my time as a pure is no longer enjoyable. I play on my main now, PvM, PvP, clanning, and I'm here to sell my pure! I had attempted to sell this pure earlier, however without any good offers and nearly getting scammed for the account I decided I'd give the pure another chance. It was enjoyable for a bit seeing as I joined a pure clan and did a bit of skilling, but I FINALLY got 99 pray on my main and the new goal is 99 summon. With school starting I wont be able to focus all my time on 2 main accounts so I decided I'd sell the pure once and for all. I tried selling this account before, I had the account sold but the guy scammed me and I NEARLY got scammed but I just barely managed to catch the buyer in a lie. I decided I would just suicide bot the account and make it an amazing account to sell. And now here's that account for sale . I don't have a set price for an A/W so just leave offers. However I'm only accepting RSGP. No swaps or offers of any other sort. Post on here/message me on to speak with me. I will gladly go first to those who I deem trusted, or use a OMM if you'd like to cover the fees. My personal vouches are in my signature if you'd like to check them out(51 total). My : [email protected] Acc Info: Maxed Pure 4 99s: Str, Range, Hp, Mage Dung Weps: Chaotic Maul, Chaotic Rapier, Arcane Stream Necklace, Fully Quested 500+ Songs/Air Guitar All possible non-tradeable items needed for a pure Pictures: Login: Offenses/Mutes: General Account Info: Overloads Tab1-45Pure Looking to buy A PureMust have no email, recovs registered. Must be fully quested defence if it has defence. Bonus if turmoil quests, and barrows gloves on account. Not worried about range as much as strength and magic. Will be paying with rsgp. We will most likely use a mm or omm. [email protected]
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