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    Selling Skiller Through PAThread ^ Click Here. It is a nice skiller 1k Total level... + 99 agility and 99 thieving 74 Task. All Varrock easy ones. 29 Quest points! On a skiller it kinda hard to do. Almost all stats 70+ 200 songs. 500k worth of random stuff. Feel free to ask questions or click the PA link. -Thanks.selling lvl 72 miner and a lvl 73WCas it stand in the title i am selling a lvl 72 miner and lvl 73 WC feel free to offer and if i accept the offer i pm you you can pay with paypal and rsgp i got and §Buying 60+ Mining/Woodcutting Accounts§ (Paypal, RSGP) [06' Member|20+ Vouches]These are my prices: $0.5p/m Mining lvl 60~70: 1.5~ per 70~80: 3m~ per 80~90: 4.5m~ per WC lvl 60~70: 750k~ per 70~80: 1.5m~ per 80~90: 3m~ per 1. Will not be going first, unless I consider you trusted. Otherwise, please have a MM ready. 2. I will not trade with you unless I consider you trustable enough to not recover the account 3. I only value the mining OR woodcutting level; not both. Furthermore I don't care how high its other stats are. 4. Don't post asking me to add you; you add me. 5. NOT trading with newcomers or users with less than 200 posts. my one and only is [email protected], please post on this thread prior to adding me3 accounts, 15m, all details provided (trusted prefered)ALL FOR JUST 15M... NEED RSGP QUICK.. all of these chars, just 15m, all details will be provided, im willing to go first to trusted members 56 combat main // recoveries set and known || UNUSED account first login today in 130 days+ (19/09/11) 55 combat // recoveries set and known, E-mail only linked to recover account,as shown long time since last login. Pictures self explanitory. Recov's set as it was clearly made as a first or close to first account, They are known and will be provided along with a 100% recov metho (original codes used for members years ago)Sellin 2 pures >mage<>Melee<>>>>25MB: 5M A/W 15M Acc 2: Mage: 39 Defence: 1 Pray: 2 Hp: 28 Cb 25 S/B: 5M A/W: 15M Buy both for only 25M!!!!! Will use an omm u pay fees. Normal mm. U go firstbuying zeal account pptitle says>>MUST GO TONIGHTW is now ONLY 25m C/B 21m - iSyko To trusted members//mods I am willing to go first, otherwise dream on your first or your paying for >OMM< MUST GO TONIGHTlooking for 1 of 2 thingsLooking for a 9hp skiller w/ atleast 1 99 or a level 3 skiller w/ 99 slayer either or will do post ur pic's and ur price
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.