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    [9 att, 31 def, 28hp] [99 mage/smith] [97 range, 88 thieving] WU/RSGP50k exp till 89 thieving. This account has a great potential, but I am quitting RS forever unless miraculously they remove the grand exchange and oldschool merchanting comes back. This was going to be a rune pure.[rsgp]selling legit tank[rsgp]hello guys I am selling a awesome tank with 97 range and awesome name! I am not setting an auto win for this account so everyone just offer for just right now, down below I will posting the status of the account and the account stats, please post while offering on this account so I can add you, also this account only has rune gloves and does not have dt done. Account Status Account Stats65 Pure with 18M, Mith Gloves, 3 Letter name (85 Magic, 81 Ranged, 70 Smithing, etc)Hey, i'm selling my nice pure for Paypal. The stats are 50 Attack, 76 Strength, 1 Defence, 81 Ranged, 85 Magic, 74 Hp, 70 Smithing, Mith gloves and around 18M. Now for the pictures: Looking for Paypal. If you are interested, post or send me a message. Thanks, IXI.Near Maxed 20 Defence Pure `88 Dung` ( 1 2)Near Maxed 20 def pure Rune gloves quested, Ancient magics, 91 Herblore, 99 Hitpoints Untrimmed skillcape. Two Chaotic weapons + Arcane Stream, Slayer helm, Looking for RsGp No recovery questions Stats Ancient magics Chaotic weapons[Paypal]Skate's cheap account shop! | ALL accounts![Paypal]Uploaded with [email protected] I will MOSTLY take Paypal, RSGP & Accounts will maybe be taken. ALL Recovs and emails will be deleted upon trade or they will me given to you. Account 1: A low level starter G maul pure. Some quests done. A/W: $10 S/B: $5 Account 2: A mid level pure with ALL pure quests done. MM & DT done. A/W: $15 S/B: $5 Account 3: A GREAT range tank for pking! ALOT of quests done and it's a low level for its stats. A/W: $30 S/B: $10 Account 4: A HIGH leveled main. Over 200+ quest points! A/W: $60 S/B: $20 Account 5: A mid level granite pure, which can also be a great staker/pker! Alot of quests done! A/W: $20 S/B: $5 Account 6: A GREAT ice barrage or range pker! It is a low level and can BARRAGE! Alot of the major quests done! A/W: $25 S/B: $10how much is my zerk account worth?hello looking for offers on my berserker pure, i will post pics if i get a good offer but here are the main stats 94 attack 99 strength 90 hp 45 def 34 prayer 77 mage 64 range 99 woodcutting just lemme know some estimates[RSGP] Selling starter chaotic pure [RSGP]Hello sythe, got a starter chaotic pure for sale! just would like a quick sale Pics are below: STARTER Chaotic pure It has about a 1m bank but alright stats. (IM THE ORIGINAL OWNER OF THIS ACCOUNT AND I FORGOT THE EMAIL AND THE PASSWORD, BUT I CHANGED IT TO MY EMAIL AND IT WILL CHANGE WITHIN 14 DAYS, CAN CANCEL IT WHEN I FIND A BUYER) Thankyou[Paypal] 15$ 3`99s (fish, cook, fletch.) 1.6k total - 15$[PayPal]Selling this account for 15$ Paypal, i need the dollars for counter-strike:source. You go first or we use a . A/W - 15.
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