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    maxed 97selling this account for rs gp, you make an offer. PM me with offers etc. has rune gloves 100qp fire cape filled zammy book, account in green zone no marks at all. will cancel recoveries/pin/email, scammers dont waste your time 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.| Lvl 69 | 88 Range | CCB + 104K tokens | DT | 78 DG |Hi guys, I am TheMaker! I am going to sell my resetted Range pure. It has 88 ranged and a Chaotic Crossbow WITH 78 Dungeoneering! (you can weild it) It got ancients aswell. Bank is only 3M. Lobby: I'll remove the email once it gets sold. Quests: Stats: Bank, Tokens, CCB: Black Marks: I'll soon set up a A/W but I want to see what you guys are ready to offer for this beast account!buying a really low level account with a firecape!Hey im buying a really low cb level character with a fire cape! willing to pay good if the account is what im looking forBuying 60-75 Pure! Has to have Dt Complete!Hi, im buying a runescape pure levels 60-75 for paypal rsgp cause its to hard of a hassle to buy only paypal Requirements: 60-75 Combat 1 Defence 70+ Magic 1-45 prayer! 50+ Attack 70+ ranged Ava's Accumilator....and so on for pure quests... Pm me, or comment your with your offer including pictures, and ill get back to you.selling/ swapping accounts 96/39/795.4 on the main and about 120k on the other acc, both have about 2 week memberships and the level 96 has addy gloves, torso, dragon defender and about 140 qp the level 39 has 84 wc 30 atk and str 30 def 40 rng 43 magic and 30 prayer can make about 400k in an hour cutting magics a level 79 with eatser carrot and mulitple holidays can be thrown in rsgp or swapping accs, paypal can be disccused (not going first) email/: [email protected] new to sythe :$I need this accountI want an account with the following: 60 attack, can be higher but not too much high str. Doesn't have to be maxed low def, doesn't have to be 1 or any level really, I will take failed pures. 85 magic is a must above 50 pray is a plus Low combat needed! Thank youUltimate sale! Initiate Hybrid! A/W is $20 itunes card!Uploaded with [​IMG] [​IMG] Uploaded with After countless hours of botting I feel as if my accounts are wasted in vain. I have quit runescape and wish to sell a level 84 which is my hybrid. Stats: 70 attack 95 strength 74 constitution 45 prayer 26 defense 77 range 93 magic I have completed all quests that a initiate hybrid needs to do. I even have quested to obtain rune RFD gloves. My starting bid is a $15 itunes card, I will not accept rsgp because obviously I have no use for it and I will not accept paypal payments because I do not have any experience with paypal. Whoever bids $20 will a/w. If you wish to use a MM I am willing to but you will have to pay for the fee's. If you are interested please email me at [email protected] or message me on this site. I repeat, I do not accept rsgp or paypal payments.--Grand Sale on DDS staker! A/W is $15 itunes card!Uploaded with Hello Sythe users, I have a level 67 Dds staker which decent stats. Stats: 60 att 88 str 77 hp 7 range 19 mage 1 def/prayer/summ Other features: lost city completed has cvls and 500k in bank for starter has all requirements to do sorcerer garden If you are interested please email me at [email protected] FYI: theres only one "T" in my email. I do not accept rsgp or paypal payments because I am quitting runescape and let the bid begin!
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