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    66cb pure 20def 700k bank Add me on if interested! : [email protected] Hai, i'm sellin an old account of mine. It's a level 66 account, it has 20 defence. Recoverys: Yes, But they are old and I don't know them. I am not going to scam you. Email set: No. It has: 30 Quest points. Main Quests done: Monkey madness Horror from the deep Animal mag and some other basic quests. Wealth: 751k. Heres bank: Heres stats: Login screen:Selling a BEAST cb 80 pure! DT done 99 mage, HIGH HP!This is my first ever 99 so it means a lot to me The account has a firecape, full book of war and sara book. Uploaded with it has no marks on it, picture can be provided upon request and i can verify the account ingame. Recoveries and email will obviously be removed when the account is handed over to the highest bidder. You can go first to me or we can use any OMM (You will pay) Recovery test can be done blahblahblah you know how it is. EDIT: The membership runs out june 12! EDIT 2: Any cash offers will only be accepted through WU Payments in rsgp only The account is an amazing rusher in wild with blitz and ags! Uploaded with Uploaded with[Mail/WU]Level 85 AGS Pure - 99 Str, 94 Mage, Addy gloves, DT Done, 99 hunter + more!Sold![SWAPPING] Starter pure! with good skilling stats and 36M! SWAPPING FOR HIGH LVL PUREHey guys, today i am going to be swapping this account for an good pure! I can prove this ingame if needed!! If you have any interest please add my ! [email protected]!! EDIT: the didn't work so you'll have to click the link :Selling a level 84 combat staker (boxer)84 Combat, 2.3M wealth : [email protected] Post offersSelling MAXXED RUNE PURE! 3 99'S 70 DUNG! TURM ZERK POTENTIAL!Pic says it all, Everything will be removed/supplied at time/date of purchase. I am selling this to fund my mains turmoil. So the a/w is set at 85m.[RSGP] Selling Full-quests 45def turmoil+torso+fcape+bgloves+hcannon+defenders etc!!PRICE IS 150M Just like my other accounts. price is not negotiable because it is CHEAP i tried removing recoveries from this account but i didnt know how, tplease help me do so as the new owner should have his own recoveries. This might take long and i dont mind, thanks for your help.[RSGP] Selling Pro-Quested | 99 range | 99 mage ONLY 50m CHEAPOk so this account i created in 2002, you will know that i am not lying when u see the rsn as it has 9 spaces between 2 letters, but the display name has been changed a few times. The price is only 50m do not negotiate with me. NOTE: if i get a higher bid than 50m i will take it
Thread Status:
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