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    Buying Account From Very Trusted People OnlyHello I Want To Buy An Account Due To Being Scammed So Many Times I Would Only Buy Of Very Trusted People! Accounts I Am Looking For 1)hand Cannon Pure 2)zerker 3)range Pure (99 Rng/mage) 4)obby Mauler 5)good Staker Or Any Other Good Pures Or Stakers Please Let Me Know Remember Only Very Trusted People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! Many Thanks[RSGP] Nice pure, 69 combat. [94 mage, dt.]This is my pure. Has an a/w of 160m without claws. Quests, bank, stats etc below. [No swaps.] I will not go first, OMM at your expense! Bank/wealth: Login screen: Stats: Blackmarks: Quests:Selling a lvl 96 Boxer ( staker ) [RSGP]A/W is 50M Why Selling? Cos Makeing a new PURE. No Recoverys and Email can be changed to yours. So You wont have to wait for 14 days. ! : [email protected][rsgp]*must See*maxed Pure/firecape*maxed Rapier Staker 1pray/1summ*[rsgp]No recoveries/email, 15 member days left. 120m GP A/W 100m GP A/W No recoveries/email 200M for both. Contact me on - Bobgreen94[selling] Lvl 75 | 99 Range | 94 Mage | Dt Done [selling]Well first off i'd like to Introduce my self. My names Teddy. I've been playing Rs pretty much through all of Highschool. I want to quit and see what i can get out of my oldtime accounts. I have many accounts I'm planning on selling in the future. I might be new to this site, But doesn't mean i'm stupidd. I've been in organized Black markets, forumz my whole life, and I knoww How things work. I'M NOT HERE TO WASTE TIME, AND WILL NOT PUTT UP WITH AN love you KID. Details: - Account has done dt, Most of majour quests dones beside RFD - Account has never had Recoveries on itt - I'm original Owner Things to knoww: I don't go first I Only USE OMM's, You pay feez or find a free one. Yes, I'm willing to Verify. Payment: Bank Transfers, Bankwire (Welfsargo). GP considering on amount. SORRY ABOUT THE PICTURES, IF THERE HARD TO SEE JUST ADD MEE ON FOR MORE QUESTIONS. A/W: 100$ : [email protected] Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usBuying a runescape account [TRUSTED ONLY]I recently decided to start playing Runescape again, yet I sold all my accounts ages ago, so I'm buying a new account! I need some advice and offers on what 6-7 mil RSGP will get me. Doesn't have to be all that fancy an account, just some nice skills. You must be a trusted seller to post in this thread!Buying a Pure For These 3 Accounts!!!!:[email protected] Accounts: Account #1. Woodcutting Skiller [A/W:5M] Login: Stats: Bank: [None] Account #2 Runecrafter [A/W: 5m] Login: Stats: Wealth: Account #3 Miner [A/W: 5m] Login: Stats: Wealth: [/color][/center][/font]Lvl 82 Rune Pure!!!This acc has done Monkey madness and Dslayer. dwarf cannon + lost city. (+ other misc quests) reason for sale - need extra cash for my new pure. recovs will be gone before the account is sold. looking for RSGP only. thanks. EDIT > its 82 cb. Uploaded with Uploaded with
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