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    [RSGP] Selling Amazing Pure [RSGP]Hey guys, currently selling my Pure (He used to be my skiller) as I am in need of as many GP as possible before the Bonus XP weekend. 99 FM cost ~4m. 78 Crafting cost ~8m. Any offers under 10m will be reported as spam. Recovery questions are set because of the latest RS update that they cannot be removed, only changed. I will give you the recovery questions. The account has only had two passwords in the past. He was a member once and I will give you the details on that aswell. He has the perfect stats to become any type of pure. Add me on [email protected] to talk further if you are interested. A/W is 17.5m[305+ Vouches][130+ Acc's Sold] Lvl 3 F2P Skiller | 99 Firemaking | Total 670!Click for my discounted account shop! -20%-30%! SOLD! For more accounts visit my account shop. ThanksSelling lvl 59 F2P pure. 40-85-1[PP/RSGP] NO SWAPS...Hello ! I've got an account for sale that is amazing for starting off some f2p pking. no recoveries, 50kish bank.. I'm decently trusted so I'm really not expecting to go first. 32 vouches and $2500+ traded Looking for offers, gold4rs offered me 16$[295+ Vouches][110+ Acc's Sold] Lvl 53 Pure | Cook 99, Str 73, RC 80 | Member! ( 1 2)Click for my discounted account shop! -20%-30%! SOLD! For more accounts visit my account shop. Thanks[Buying] Hunter 80+ [Regicide done]Hey guys, I'm searching for an account with 80+ hunter and regicide done. And that also asks for 56+ agility ofcourse I need to be able to get into Lletya and have a high enough lifepoints rate to get past some of the traps around the Lletya area. Leave me some offers ;d ~YentheHow much is it worth?I don't know if this is the right section but I have this account I put alot of money into and I don't use it anymore, it is a skiller with like 20 quest points and assorted skills over 20, and the biggest thing that would give it value is it has 92 construction gilded altar already up and alot of marble all around the house, as you know construction doesn't come cheap and I want to get some of my money back that I put into it. ThanksSelling level 39 Hybrid and level 44 Ranged Tank w/ strAcc 1: 30 att, 48 str, 55 ranged, 51 mage. Has around a 30k bank worth. RSGP only More info PM me. Acc 2: 1 att 23 str 40 def 40 ranged 45 pray 51 mining. little to no bank worth RSGP only Will not go first unless I know you are legitSkiller | Lv.3 | 8 99's | 1144 Total | 108m Exp Counter [ PayPal ]Info Hey, I'm selling this -Amazing- Level 3 Skiller. Which was botted professionally by myself. I'm not the original owner of this account. :The account has 8 99's including: Agility, Crafting, Cooking, Fire-making, Fletching, Hunter Thieving Woodcutting I will provide: This awesome account. Previous/Recent Passwords. Previous/Recent Membership Info. One month membership. Payment I'll be only accepting PayPal. I will not take -SWAPS-OR-PINS- Contact : [email protected] Auto-Win: $100 SOLD TO: b i n g o *All spammers will be reported and infracted *Please post your email here before adding me- Terms You will be going first Willing to use a VMM, But you'll be paying the fees if required. I will not be responsible if the account gets locked/ban/hacked/lost/etc We will both feed-back each other at the end of the trade. (Including the MM, If used) You automatically agree to these terms upon bidding/adding me on .
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