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    [PP/RSGP] Level 83 Dung Pure (94 Dung) | Rapier | Maul | CLS | Vigour | Gravite 2hI am selling my level 83 Dung Pure (80 Atk, 81 Str, 20 Def, 94 Dung) which has 3 Chaotics, vigour, and some Gravites. I am selling for RSGP or Payments through PayPal. I will not go first, and if you don't, I will get an OMM. Your offer, and please, no bullshit ones either (like 20m, or $30). gold4rs was willing to buy my account for $110, but they are known to be cheap. Thanks! When the account is sold, I will provide you with: -Recovery Question Answers -Payment -Date Account was Made -IP Address -When I moved -And I will change the email to yours. PS-Not interested in trading accounts, so don't ask!Sorta failed 1 def pure 99 str Fully quested with firecapeSelling my failed 1 def pure fully quested rfd to addy gloves DT MM Zammy book with 99 str. Has firecape zammy book etc. I deem it failed because of 63 att and 2 def I WILL NOT GO FIRST unless you have 200+ vouches either you will go first or we can use a MM/OMM at your expense I WILL NOT BE SCAMMED DONT TRY Starting bid 10m Autowin 80m[/][SWAPS/RSGP/PAYPAL] Starter Tank - 90 range/87 magic/60 prayer/SkilledHello. I'm looking to sell this tank that I was working on but lost interest in. I believe that it has a lot of promise if it was put into the right hands. The HP is low as it the ranged and magic were trained at the range guild and through alching, respectively. This account has no members, but has some equipment that can be used in a member's world, along with around 3 mil cash. Not many quests have been done, but a lot of the stats are on par (or above) the level that's needed for important ones, excluding. The combat level on this account is 83. I'm looking for swaps, Paypal or RSGP. Make some offers.99 str 90 dung 94 mage 85cmb(2chaotics)Pros -90 Dungeoneering(2 Chaotics and 100k tokens) -99str -100m+ bank -Lots of Sets(ready to pk) -You get all info to account(I'm qutting since botting is gone) -AWESOME RSN Cons -Not fully quested(only has black gloves, lost city done) -2 def -One minor macroing mark, not bad though still in green -Low Range Only accepting Paypal. You go first or OMM we split fee. Email me at [email protected] PM me through Sythe to verify. Current Offer: 60.00selling 97lvl runescape account!!! for 5m!!!If somebody interested please wright me private! :d[RSGP OR PAYPAL] Pure (UNHOLY BOOK, 99 STR, 95 ATTACK, BIDDING AT $10)Here are quests completed and its stats! Bidding starts at $10. Msg me at [email protected] if you want to buy. I won't go first unless you're mod or having a verified MM.Selling Divine Prod Tank Ranger 99 range/mage 75 def/prayer with rigour and VenganceSelling my range tank because im a little bored of him esp since i sold my 1.1b to viou on sythe and i cant afford a divine now. anyways hes 99 range mage 75 def and pray for use of divine spirit shield and rigor. has Hand Cannon Lunar DT MM summers end quests done. has rigor prayer owns in wild espicialy if you have the gold to get a divine or ely shield. also has 93 herb extreme def range pots etc you can spicey stew up to make overloads. I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS YOU HAVE 200+ Vouches you will either go first or we will use a MM/OMM at your expense [​IMG] Uploaded with Uploaded with = [email protected] Starting bid 10m Autowin 100m[RSGP][SELLING] 78 combat pure | Original OwnerAdd my : [email protected] 78 F2P Wont be going first but as I'm a newbie I will split fees for an OMM. I am original owner, has no recoveries or black marks. Addy gloves, DT and MM all done. Will update with screenshots if requested.
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