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    Selling 4 accounts RSGP OR Account trade only, looking for a range pure1st account is a lvl 92 main, has good well rounded combat stats and some good skill stats, all stats above 20 though. 79 wc 58 mining 63 fishing and other good stats, also alot of major important quest done. not looking for much, willing to sell for around 25mil. 2nd account is a lvl 44 starter range/2her or obby mauler pure has 67 range, 46 str and 2 atk. really good starter account also has membership till november 22nd. can with a lil work can be a realy good range/2her or obby maul pure. im not looking for much, around 5-10mil 3rd account is a lvl 58 range/mauler pure has 87 range, 50 atk, 72 str. this account is very good pker u can get alot of kills using range, and granite maul special. u can rush kids with a rune c bow and g maul rush them its gotten me alot of kills. im looken for around 20mil, i have already gotten offers for 25-30 mil for it that turned into a bust, so im only looken for around 20mil. 4th account is a lvl 49 str/mage hybrid 40 atk 69 str and 60 mage. its a good f2p pker than can be turned into alot of other good pkers. im only looken for around 5-10mil for it. -And the only kind of account i looking for is a range pure, around 85 and plus range lvl, and lowest combat lvl which means lowest hp possible. pm me, or comment and offer away.Selling pureDoesn't have good levels, but still has like 25 days of membership left you can buy it for rsgp if you want name your price. I mean skiller.[RSGP][89 str,88range]Starter Rune Pure/hybrid[80 theive][67 Farming]Can make this into a rune pure, or a tanker quite easily! Can make lots of cash by farming. Anyway, only going first to highly trusted. Will use OMM at your expense. Bank will be cleaned, if you wish money+items worthwhile to be kept there, add 5m to your bid. Stats: Login:buying pure for 25milHello people, im looking for any pure with 1 def. offer me, and i will contact yourunescape pure for sale best offerhey i am selling this pure for the best offer pm me feel free to hi score her her name is chirp chirp◄████ ≡ Two Untrimmed 99HP Pures ≡ 25 Combat ≡ Starter Skillers ≡ Membership ████► ( 1 2)SOLD BOTH ►►►Account One◄◄◄ SOLD ►►►Account Two◄◄◄ SOLD~Selling Ownage Starter Pure~Hey, i'm trying to just focus on my main account now, so i'm giving up my other accounts, trying to get a few mill for it, it's still got almost a months membership, also being close to having a skill cape at a low level is pretty sick. I'm considering all reasonable offers. Rsgp only please, as i have a lvl 120, and only have 10m on it. for those who cant make out the pictures, it's 40 attack 45 str, 30 range, 59 magic, 92 cooking, 40 smith, 40 mine, 30 agil, 30 thieving, 40 crafting~ [30+ Credible Vouches] Selling Lvl 55 Mage Pure - 99 Magic (Nearly 33M XP!) [GP/PP]What's good? I'm back again with another account. Up for sale today is a Level 55 99 Mage Pure. This account was solely created to make millions via botting MTA. Can be formatted to a beast pure with Magic training already out of the way for you. This will be a safe and professional sale. Buy it now from a legit seller! --------- 55 Combat Mage Pure --------- ---------------------------- C/B: $cammer4life - $35 A/W: $50 ---------------------------- * Has nearly 33M Magic XP! * Many hours have been put into MTA to get where it is. There's still a few apprentice wands in the bank that value at about 1M gp to get you going. * Has Membership until November 10th included. **Upon purchasing, you will get ALL info needed for Recovery. You can observe my Vouches (30+ and rising) in my signature below to check out my market feedback. --- Stats --- --- Login --- --- Bank --- Payment Methods: -RSGP -PayPal (only users I find trustworthy) Post here, PM me or Add my : [email protected]
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