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    sell rs acc lvl 83. member!!!i am selling this account because i am saving up for a main. its name is soo298 and is a member for a few more months. make me a offer in rsgp please.[RSGP] Selling Epic Ini Pure - Firecape/Runegloves [Habbo] ( 1 2)Reason for Selling I have recently sold all my rsgp for habbo furni, now i am quite rich on there i will be playing that from now on. Payment Methods I will only accept RSGP! or Habbo You first, or OMM will be used! You pay. Any spam on this thread e.g saying i scam etc. i will be reporting! I just want to get rid of this Ini pure for Gold. It will come with all legit info for appeal to get accepted. Recovs and Email It currently has got no recovs but has got an email The email will be changed to yours on purchase. Stats and Quests 75 att, 97 str, 20 def (fully quested), 94 range, 44 pray, 94 mage, 89 HP Main Quests Complete; Monkey Madness Desert Treasure RFD (Rune Gloves) This account also has a Firecape! I have no A/w set so please offer Happy Bidding[/quote] Level 79 Mage Tank [unlimited Membs]Currently selling level 79 Mage Tank. Pictures will be added if I get some interest. NOTE: Unlimited membership is on the account, & is not a scam. v ADD MY vselling lvl 86 vet purehere are some pic this acc will be able to use vet cape when its realesed bank - stats - login - looking for about 30m but if u wanna talk pm me on rs - pkr steverange tank 99range 97 magic,pure 91 att 96str 2 def ,and staker!Hello Accept : rsgp : [email protected] Waiting Bids/offers For this pker will go first , if you have 25+ vouches!~Selling Maxed Turm Zerk-Fcape-Bgloves-Torso/Fighter Helm,Korasi's & More~I Realise That I'm A 'Newcomer' Here And Not Very Trustable,But OMM Will Be Used(We Split Fees). I'm Willing To Go First To Trusted People. Recoverys/E-mail Will Be Removed By OMM Via Recovery Test. Don't Try To Scam Me Just Because I'm 'Newcomer' Because I've Been Sythe Member For Over 2 Years On My Other User Which Also Had 20+ Vouches Here,But Due To My Quitting From Runescape I Forgot My Sythe Details,So I Had To Make A New One. I'm Done With Runescape For Good This Time.. So Im Selling All My Accounts For RSGP Atm Since I Dont Have Paypal Yet. Leave Your Offers With So I Can Contact You If I Decide To Take Your Offer! Autowin For The Account Is 150M GP. HAPPY BIDDING!Selling 99 Str/Fletch Pure Cmb 85 [RSGP]Total Level Level: 710 - XP: 30,464,159 99 Strength 41 Defence 60 Attack 56 Range 81 Hp 99 Fletching 58 Crafting 50 Thiev 52 Mining For evidence I will personally log into the account via Teamviewer if you wish me to. Screenshots will be provided upon asked. Please post if you are interested, I only accept RSGP. I left one mil on the account and also includes the trimmed strength cape. Upon a successful purchase you will be given a word document/ notepad with the following information: (THIS MUST BE DONE ON . I will email the details and send it via or .) Recovery questions All three old passwords Registration year First Membership registration card Password Username And all other important information.[PP] Buying zerker!Hello I'm buying a zerker. Reqs: - Atleast 10 vouches. - A decent joindate. (not may 1st 2011 and love you) - Willing to use OMM+recovery test. Acc reqs: - Barrow gloves. - 40-45 defence. - Vengeance. - Big plus would be 60 attack. Pm me or offer here with your . Greets.
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