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    -= Selling Starter Barrows Pure, 94 Mage/82 Range, 99 Hunter/Fletch, Quested =-Selling an account can be used as a Starter Barrows Pure, or whatever you desire. Combat: 90 Highlights: 99 Hunter - 99 Fletching - 94 Magic - 82 Range - 80 Strength - 61 Dungeoneering Quests: - Monkey Madness - Desert Treasure - Horror from the deep - Animal Magnetism - RFD (Addy gloves) - Many more! --- Membership till 18th August --- --- No recoveries/Email --- --- Any Questions Just PM / Post --- If interested - Post here / PM me, I am only taking payments via Runescape Gold/Liberty Reserve/AlertpayMaxed Zerker Pure 50m + Firecape, Bglvoes,ancientsHey all, selling my maxed zerker pure, it has 50M net worth and around 35mill cash, all major quests are done , lunar, barrow gloves, ancients also has a firecape, this account has NO previous owners but me, deals will be negotiated but at this moment im not looking for swaps whatsoever. [Paypal purchases or rsgp to my new account] I will not be scammed, i always ask for a PM and the purchase will go through using a OMM, dont try add me on fake OMM emails please its the most boring thing ever and never works.. onto the pictures.. Sorry about the 3rd picture not sure what happend. Any additional information can be answered just add me at '[email protected]' Recoverys email etc will be deleted when i have a firm deal. thanks for reading. dharok pure!Uploaded with Great for staking/PKing im asking for 20m!! first come first serve!lvl 72 - 81 str, 89 mage, 86range, addy glovesSo this account I have i'm selling cause im bored of it now. Recoveries + email will be deactivated upon purcahse seeing as how these days people are phishing and hacking and i dont need the account being stolen it has the following quests done DT MM Up to addy for recipie for disaster Lost City and more.. im looking for around 30-35 dollars or 55m rsgp my is [email protected] but post if your interested If your wondering about the recoveries why they look like that i had recently purcahsed this account a week ago and a few days later it got recovered so i had to recover it back and they apperntly added recoveries so i had to change em I will not go first or we use MMSelling 99 strength pure, only 82cb, 99 mining, addy glovesSelling a 99 strength pure, only 82 combat. also has 99 mining and desert treasure done. also has addy gloves. LOOKING FOR RSGP OR PAYPAL. ONLY seriously offers please.. also with or without items/cash[RSGP] Lvl 89 Range Tank | 97 Range | CHEAP!!Selling this great tank. Currently f2p, but has been p2p. WILL PROVIDE RECOVS TO THE BUYER. Looking for RSGP, so OFFER! Add me on: [email protected] if interested.pures/stakers/mains for sale!Hello, I wanna sell alot accounts Payment methods accepted: bank transfer (located in Denmark), paypal, and runescape gp. If choosing paypal I will need to access your paypal account on teamviewer, to make sure that you wont chargeback. Trusted/verified s accepted, if you pay the fee's. You will need to leave feedback if you buy an account. Contact me at "[email protected]" . If im not online, just send me a mail. Or type in this thread. There is no email registred on the accounts. I will give you the bank pin. I will give you the security questions/answers. I will give you the account name and password. 1. price: 25 usd initiate/proselyte/turmoil (potential) pure its lvl 81 combat. quests: skills: security: blackmarks: 0. 2. price: 80 usd. staker/dung'er 5 quest points skills: dung tokens: blackmarks: security: 3. price: 30 usd skiller/main 79 combat. quests: skills: blackmarks: Security: 4. price: 15 usd. rune/zerker pure: lvl 70 combat. skills: quests: blackmarks: security:||||| 81 Atk | 70 Str | 85 Def | 80 HP | 99 Mage |STAKER |||||I'm back selling another great staking account! This account is a pro armor staking account that already comes with Vesta Long Sword, Full Statius, and a Statius Warhammer. This account is extremely versatile as it also has 99 mage (no combats are gained) which can make a great mage boxer as well! I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER WHEN PURCHASED YOU WILL RECEIVE THE CREATION EMAIL AS WELL A TXT FILE WITH ALL DETAILS (TRANSACTION ID'S, CREATION DATE, PREV PASSWORDS, ETC.) COMBAT LVL 90 THIS ACCOUNT IS GREAT FOR ARMOR STAKING AND CAN EASILY MAKE OVER 100M A DAY Login: Statius/VLS: Wealth: Stats: I'm done trying my luck at the duel arena and have decided to get back into Pking! Terms:I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS I CONSIDER YOU TRUSTWORTHY! IF NOT WE WILL USE AN OMM! I AM NOT ACCEPTING SWAPS! PAYMENT METHODS RSGP AND PAYPAL (CLAIM AND CANCEL) STARTING BID: 50M/$25 AUTOWIN:????
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