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    Starter Rune Pure [trusted]67 combat, ready for LUNAR DIPLOMACY for vengence. DRAGON SLAYER, FREMMY TRIALS and DESERT TREASURE are completed. i will NOT do swaps. RSGP/PAYPAL ONLY VOUCHES Quote: Originally Posted by bigem45 Huge vouch for "every username in use"! Bought gold went very fast Quote: Originally Posted by sythesfan Vouch for Eternal & Joanne, bought 50m quick. I went first! Quote: Originally Posted by I Laffd Vouch for "every username in use"! Bought an account from her for 7.5m! I went first, and she didn't scam! Thanks again! Quote: Originally Posted by itwigi BIG BIG VOUCH FOR 'EVERY USERNAME IN USE' BOUGHT AN ACCOUNT FROM HER, 9M, I WENT FIRST, EVERYTHING WENT SMOOTHLY Quote: Originally Posted by 99lighting Big vouch for every username in use Bought 2 accounts for 3.5m went first, everything went smooth. Quote: Originally Posted by Carruthers VOUCH for EUIU! bought starter tank 5m. i went first. all information. smooth fast trade. Quote: Originally Posted by bonecrusherrrr Bought the account for $20 and everything was great. I went first, got all the information quickly, and had a fun conversation at the same time. Definitely a vouch. Quote: Originally Posted by 99lighting vouch for every username in use bought another account for 3.5m went first, fast and smooth. Quote: Originally Posted by Yds Vouch bought 94M I went first! Quick & EasyAccount name - frozen cube - for sale!Sellin acc frozen cube, 60 atk 86 str 2 def 91 herb 15 pray dt done, ko's in wild lf RSgp or paypal can meet in game. Pm me. Will to add cash for a maxed main 138[RSGP] 99str/97range 81dung have rapier good stakeri [rsgp] Selling it's account for RSGP gp Bid price 10m Auto win N/A My concant : [email protected] You offer for Im go first only very trusted member, OR OMM You pay fee's for OMM , Bid : 25m Auto win: 70m-90mSellig account |RSGP|Rs account: I have images but cant upload them... Stats: 75 attk, 75 def, 83 str, 71 range, 79 con, 67 mage, and 43 prayer. Skills : 78 wc, 61 mining, 61 firemaking, and 60 fletching. Only accepting RSGP No Recoveries and Register your own email.1 Def Pure|75 cb|27m|60 atk|All Cmb Stats 90+|Dt Done| Rfd Gloves|Level 75 1 def, Has pure quest done, Recipe for disaster done, 27mill cash(30m total), and pk supplies. Has 1 month membership. It has a normal login name, no email. No black marks, No recoveries. Will confirm account in game if you want. I'm looking for cash offers mainly, NO TRADES Might except RSGP if offer is good enough.(If we deal in RSGP i will take my 30mill of the account and you'll just be buying the account with nothing on it obviously) Mainly looking to use western union or bank transfer, Will consider paypal if you have enough vouches and will be glad to use a trusted MM. Gold4rs offered me 60 USD for the account, WITHOUT ANY CASH ON IT. Will consider offers above 60 USD(30m will be left on the account) Will consider offers 80m+(My gp will be taken off the account if we deal in rsgp)[Paypal/RSGP] Selling level 80 Starter Zerker 60 Att/90 Str/35 Def & Quested!Level 80 Combat Quest Completed: Monkey Madness, Lost City, Horror from the Deep and many more! I am the original owner of this account. Willing to use a or I am willing to go first to trusted. Add me on : [email protected]+ overall/91 STR/97 CBZammy book is complete by the way. This account is fully legit as i have been playing this for over 6 years now! And i only want to sell this because i am low on cash at the moment in real life. Looking for a price of $60+.WTS lvl 67 pure 94 mage dt done! pics inside im selling my pure because i rarely play it and i like my main more. im looking for rsgp or paypal so i can buy rsgp for my main email and recoveries are set but i will change to your email and delete recoveries when i've found a buyer : [email protected] okay so i put the images on there and you can barely see anything basically it's 60 att 64 str 1 def 67 range 52 pray 94 mage and dt is done around 5 mil total in cash/items has 3 weeks of p2p time left the offences pic what i was trying to show is just 3 days ago i got a 2 day mute but i have a feeling im getting it appealed but either way it has no other offences and still has a good clean record sorry for the crappy pics and me with your offers if im not on post here
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