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    Selling Starter Staker - Cheap - 5+ Vouches - PP/RSGPHey guys Im selling this staker , It hasnt got any membership I just want to get rid off this account so I can concentrate on my pure. Accidently Editted the last picture with sharpen , Im very sorry for my mistake.||| 89 STR | 82 RNG |89 Mage | Firecape | Unholy Book |||||Selling this beautiful pker with all pure quests done RFD, MM, DT, Horror from the Deep. Account comes with a Fire cape, Unholy book, Ghostly robes, accumulators, and mithril gloves. Account has memberships until october! I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER OF THIS ACCOUNT WHEN PURCHASED YOU WILL RECEIVE THE REGISTERED EMAIL AS WELL AS A TXT FILE WITH ALL INFORMATION (TRANSACTION ID, PREVIOUS PASSWORDS, CREATION DATE, ISP'S, ALL INFORMATION NECESSARY) THIS ACCOUNT IS PERFECT FOR A TURM ZERK OR JUST TO HAVE FUN PKING Login: Items: Stats: Quests: I WILL GO FIRST TO MEMBERS I FIND TRUSTWORTHY, OTHERWISE WE USE A MM I AM NOT ACCEPTING SWAPS PAYMENT METHODS: RSGP, Paypal (claim and cancel) STARTING BID: 30M/$15 AUTOWIN:???Beasty initiate pure!LOOK!STATS!99FISH!Hey sythe, selling my amazing initiate pure, i know most of you post count whorers will be like wow 6 posts dont trust, but i will use a verified middle man (you pay fees of course) As you can see the account has no recoverys and the email can be changed instantly! I will be accepting paypal or runescape GP so offer away! add my if you ARE interested : [email protected] Seriouse offers only! Thanks for your time!buy runescape account lvl 60-96i wanna buy a runescape account with 99range and its combat level has to be between 60-96 if your selling pm on runescape my user is LIBYAN r4y.Near Maxed Pure [DT] [98 Str] 60k DG TOKENS 3/4 Quested Great stats RSGP/PPSO much going on with this account, its incredible. I've decided to let this guy go. P2p has run out, needs about 5 quests to be "fully quested" Easy ones... Low hp - pwnage - The account has a 1m Bank, with ghostlies/other items needed. Close to 99str - I spent tons of GP Chinning/Bandits on this account. So much more to talk about with this account, its been loved. - [email protected] Post here rsgp or PP offers, serious inquires only.___Level 60, 84 cooking, 87 Fletching (swap/RSgp)Accepting a Swap or RSGP (after Feb 1st for RSGP)[RSGP]Level 70 Chaotic Pure Only 40M[272K Dung Tokens][RSGP]Hello, I am new to Sythe, I have bought a few accounts, off people from sythe, I am trustworthy, I am willing to do a 50/50 trade, or Use a , Really doesnt matter to me,you will first get the username and password to the account, when you give me the first half I have all the info to the account, everything you will need in a Word File which i will send to you after ive recieved the full amount and will delete this file from my PC FOREVER! And it also has a free Month of Members on it aswell, Well this is the account guys, A/W: 40M Here how many tokens i got and The famous Chaotic Rapier. My Email is [email protected] Happy bidding!Handcannon pure 91 range 44 pray MM,DT,ADDY GLOVES :)Sup guys selling this handcannon pure u can make crazy combos with it tbh it has addy gloves,zammy book 2 pages ,81 qp and stuff great acc Contact in PM or [email protected] peace
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