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    Selling 1 pureMy pure As you can see it does have 20 defence, it is 75 combat dt done, rune gloves done The email registration, i dont know how to remove, so if anyone is interested in buying with or without the email registration, your going to need to tell me how to remove them I am looking for RSGP (edit) Sorry for posting my barrows account on this forum, im new if you can't tell lol A/w for pure is 40m wont consider anything below 20m My email is [email protected] and also i wont go first unless you have 10+ vouchesZerker Pure! Crazy Staker! (RSGP)WARNING! ~ IF YOU ARE HERE TO SCAM DONT BOTHER WASTING MY TIME ~ * The pictures prove his good stats the rest blanked out are 1! only a few skills which are above 1 which are quest skills! * Level 83! * Amazing dds/whip staker! Won 100m+ from staking! * 81 Woodcutting! good money maker! * Active membership! * Total level 666! Looking for legit buyers who will use an MM/OMM ( i am willing to pay fees) ~ If you are interested post here or message me for email address. ~[RSGP] Selling Turmoil Zerker [Turm, Quested Def, Upto Rune Gloves]Hey guys, I'm new here (as you can see), so sorry if I'm doing something wrong. First, some details. My friend got me all hyped to get turmoil saying it's totally worth spending 250m on Frost Dragon bones to get it super fast. PLEASE NOTE: BANK IS EMPTY. SELLING THE ACCOUNT, NOT ITEMS. Ehh.. Imo.. I wasted 250m. So, selling this for 100m RSGP, or nearest offer. If you do post an offer, Please leave contact details/ address. I won't post mine, cus' people will just add me in an attempt to scam me without posting here. How I trade: 1: Boot up teamviewer and you can see that I have the account. 2: I will give you the user and pass. 3: You change the password WHILE I'M LOGGED INTO IT. 4: While I'm logged in, you trade the Offer to my level 3 Coin holding account. 5: After you've given the cash, I log out, and forward all details of the account to you VIA in a .txt file. Don't like my method? Then sorry, no deal. If this is anything like powerbot I'll have about 6 people post and then never hear from them again, or attempt to get it free, etc.. SO I'm taking no risks. Pix: I'm probably going to get grief for the "Pending" email. I don't know which email it's pending to.Amazing Level 66! Look!Hey guys, bored of my pure selling it for RSGP for my main to get it's prayer up! Peace. Post all offers below. Bank; Login; Offences; Quests; Stats; Please post sensible Offers only! No paypal, only RSGP!Selling Begginner Addy Daddy Turmhes a starter addy daddy turm pure. i quit because i bought a perfect turmoil zerker. his cb is 76 btw major quests done wud be mm but he has a couple other ones done he needs some con and farm and slayer lvls then hes ready to do all the turm quests. also summoning is needed. no rfd and dt because of that hes goin cheap 120$ is the lowest ill go. (86 prayer cost alot) so yeah bid away people[Rsgp/Swaps] Selling level 89 Hc/Ags pure. Fully Quested 30 Def [Rsgp/Swaps]Basic Info; Here to sell my level 89 Hand Cannon Pure(Hc Pure) It has 153 quest points, fully quested Defence, Could easily be a Zerker. Its done DT/RFD(up to Runite Gloves), Zaniks, all Prayer books filled(Zamorak/Guthix/Saradomin/Bandos/Armadyl/Zaros). Salve amulet, holy wrench, Anchore & ALOT more. Goes hard in pvp and also has a few nice skills. Price; I'm looking for 60M(Rsgp) Or if you have an account you would like to Swap, post Photos/Link. NO MAINS, Sw Prods would be gladdly accepted. Photographs;selling level 71 staker and 75 pker [05 user 10 vouches]hey guys decided to sell my two projects have lost my interest in runescape these accounts will come with %100 original details including first to last member pin pictures and wiling do recovery test. Will only go first to people i think are trusted Or we use or you can go first. 1st account staker Has great potential sw zeals used on HP Autowin:30m Has never had recoveries No email Member pin will be provided 1 password used and member pin will be given. No quests done due it being a staker comes with whip/regen brace and 600k Uploaded with [][/ Uploaded with Secound account pker SOLD[SELLING] LvL79 Pker {99Str}{94Mage}{95Hunter} DT donemade TONS of money 200M + with this guy dueling/and pking 94 mage 95 hunter (Big money maker up to 2m/hr @ grenwall's) 99 str 75 crafting 81 rng 52 prayer (smite) 60 attk Uploaded with
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