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    [RSGP] TURMOIL - 30 defence 60 attack - quested [RSGP] ( 1 2 3)I DECIDED AGAINST SELLING -- BUT NOW GOING BACK TO MY 1 DEFENCE ACCOUNT SO I CAN JOIN MY OLD CLAN, NOW 90 MAGE, AND FOR SALE AGAIN. NO BANK ON IT. I'm not sure if I want to sell my project yet, but I'm starting to lose interest. It has recoveries/email but both can and will be removed. It has bank, but that will be taken off and you can purchase a portion if requested. Original owner, etc. Fully quested for 30 defence (rune gloves, curses). UPDATED STATS AS OF 21ST MARCH 2011 I have no A/W really, so just post offers. I'm only interested in RSGP. No dramas using OMM, but I will not pay for it. [email protected] is my only email.Spending £60 on a G-maulerPost your offer + in thread. thanks.[PAYPAL]Selling 99 Strength Pure, 2 Def, Mithril Gloves, 99 Thieving. ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)sold!Spending £60 on a G-maulerPost your offer + in thread. thanks.[PP/RSGP] Selling Level 90 Berserker Pure! 70-91-45. Barrow Gloves, Torso, Full Void!-----------[Experienced Trader] Selling Multiple Beast and Godly Pures [10+ Vouches]Account #1 Account #2 I am only accepting RSGP or Paypal. The Form You MUST Fill Out Code: Which account number?: Your Offer: :Note, I do not take swaps.[rsgp] Tank Tank Tank Tank [rsgp]Hello ladies and dudes Starting off I am selling my never-botted, never offended (only for yelling buying GB-pipe [squelched]) Range Tank. He was once one of my most prized possessions, but is now collecting dust and i will not put another game card into him. With that note lets get down to buisness! The Tank I am selling has never been owned by another person besides me so, I am the original owner. Also, he is eligible for a name change (which i will let you do after a purchase has been made). The name he currently has at the moment is a cool name as well as an insider between me and a good friend who has relatively matching names (he is aware it is being sold also). Last thing i can really think of is that he does have recoveries but they will be removed on purchase (I don't believe i can remember them anyways; maybe, but not sure). Here is the account, he holds around 1.4m in wealth, has completed Animal Magnetism (resulting in 15 prayer) and can completely obliterate DDS'ers, rushers, etc. I am asking for about 35 dollars worth of RSGP (.75c/m) or INGAME ITEMS ONLY! (no swaps/trades) Depending on your current status on Sythe (ONLY), I will use discretion on going first without the use of a WELL KNOWN MM/OMM. (Example: I WILL go first to a Guru). Newcomers, love you off. Thanks for checking out the account everyone! Please leave a message below with an offer and/or PM my sythe! I WILL block you if you fail to do so and PM my {RSGP/Mail} Level 95 Main F2P {RSPG/Mail}Sorry! Wrong Section!
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