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    Selling Pure - 60attk- 99str - 92range - 99wcHey, I am selling this old account, I do not play RS anymore, whatever gold I get for the account I will be giving it too a mate, I only want RSGP, make your price, I know the deffence sucks, also not many quest done, cheers add me on [email protected] Also cmb is 80 Do not bother if your trying too scam, Feel free too add me and ask any questions, If you want my phone number thats fine, If you want too use an MM thats ay okay.[RSGP] ++ 4 99s! 20 Deff Initiate Pure Fully Quested ++ [PAYPAL]Hey guys I'd like to sell my pure for either Paypal or RSGP. The Reason for this is because I'd like to buy a 1 defence melee based pure because the seller refuses to take swaps I will swap for a nice 60attack quested melee pure RSGP - 80-120m Depending on how trustworthy you are USD - 40-60 Depending on how trustworthy you are I will go first if your trusted, if not then you will be paying for the MM or going first. I'm not stupid enough to get scammed the 2nd time. Post your offer & in this thread.[PP]Selling 3 Accounts: Chaotic Pures (1 Defence) and Barrows Pure (WITH 150M)[PP] ( 1 2)I'm selling 3 of my accounts, one of which has 151.2M. DO NOT love you TO ME ABOUT RECOVERIES, THEY ARE REMOVABLE WITHIN AN HOUR. WILL POST PICTURES OF BAN COLUMNS LATER TODAY. PLEASE PM ME / POST HERE IF YOU ARE A SERIOUS BUYER. PRICES ARE FAIRLY FIRM. (+-$5.00) Account 1: Chaotic Pure 30 DAYS MEMBER ITEMS: 151.2M, Fire Cape, Chaotic Maul, Chaotic Rapier, Arcane Stream Necklace, Adamant Gloves (RFD), Unholy Book, ALL PURE QUESTS STATS: 94 Magic 90 Dungeoneering 80 Attack 70+ Strength 80 Ranged 1 Defence A/W: $120.00 Account 2: Barrows Pure ITEMS: Fire Cape, Chaotic Longsword, Unholy Book, Dragon Defender, Barrows Gloves (RFD), LOTS OF QUESTS DONE STATS: 85+ Attack 99 STRENGTH 70 Defence 99 FISHING 85+ Ranged 85+ Magic 70 Prayer 80 Dungeoneering A/W: $75.00 Account 3: Chaotic Pure STATS: 90 Dungeoneering 80 Attack 70 Strength 1 Prayer 1 Defence A/W: $30.00Selling Initiate Pure! Chaotic Maul! Lvl 87+2PAYPAL ONLY! Hes got about 5.4m In total, chaotic maul, addy gloves, the quests needed for a pure except DT ( have gotten around to it ) trying to get atleast 50$ for it.. Email and Recoveries will be deleted soon. Can do mm if you want.. THE STATS THE BANK THE ACCOUNT INFO[RSGP] 74 CB Hybrid Pure, 99 Mage, 92 Range, 82 Hp, Fully Quested + Fire Cape [PaypalSOLD SOLD SOLD Quote: Originally Posted by mLabz BIG vouch for d0ntattack1 i went first for his hybrid pure pay'd 75m, was quick and easy Email & recovs will be removed when I find a trustworthy buyer He is not muted, can prove in game. [/center]Selling Super Cheap Pure Fully [email protected]! Ardy Cloak Zam Book Ancients, Gloves & More ( 1 2)Stats: Quests: Post offers Pm Me MM Will Be Used I Do Take Swaps!!~ΩLow level Pures ▒ Quested & Perfect startersΩ~!! ( 1 2)hey all, havin a small account sale :p im taking either geepee preferrably or paypal from trusted members; and i will ONLY GO FIRST, if you have 15-20+ vouches. Or else we use a MM, unless you deem me trust worthy, which i am but not on here, haha. ~also, PM me your / and i will add you. Now the accounts! Account #1 SOLD Account #2 ~ very attractive account with 99 agile, 87 dung, 82 cons w/ very nice house and Monkey madness and prayer is quested S/B $10 -20m A/W $50 - 95m Account #3 ~ decent starter f2p starter, not quested not much too say :p SOLD ---ADDING MORE PURES SOON, VERY SOON----Level 76. [90Dung88Range90Str89mage] CHAOTICS!Selling my pure. Got a turmoil zerker already and Dad said I can only have 1 membership pin a month from now on, so I picked my zerker over my pure. IT IS 90 DUNG NOW AND 91 STRENGTH. 200K OFF 91 DUNG ACCOUNT WILL NOT COME WITH THE MONEY. - STATS HERE. LOG-IN SCREEN. WHEN BUYING, I'LL DE-REGISTER THE EMAIL. mark_dorsett (Osama Bin Laden picture) Highest offer wins, 50m aw.
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